Trump Takes a Dive – Round 3

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Phi Beta Iota: Read it and weep. Trump's reorganization today certified his desire to lose the election to Hillary Clinton despite her enormous negatives that far exceed his own warts. There is nothing wrong with Trump being Trump and surrounding himself with suck-ups, but somewhere in here there needs to be a serious attack on Hillary Clinton and her Clinton Foundation crime family; a coherent holistic strategy that offers the public surrogates spanning the trust spectrum, and substance backed up by a balanced budget. Could Trump have really accepted $20B to blow this race? Everything this very smart man is doing suggests he is self-destructing with purpose. He's done the first paid task: destroyed the Republican Party. Can he now accomplish the second task, the election, with fraud, of the most despicable presidential candidate in modern history, one with a record of crime and a lack of character so profound it defies belief?

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