Yoda: Trump Will Win, Clinton Will Lose? But What If…

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yoda with light saberThink, we must.

Jaime Enoch Ortega, The Daily Journalist

Despite the odds, Donald Trump will beat Hillary Clinton in November

Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show

The Clinton Campaign Is In Real Trouble

A true national poll, 1000 homes across all demographics in all 50 states finds Trump favored by 67%.

But What If….

WILD CARD #1: Clinton drops out (health, Clinton Foundation indictments) and Joe Biden is appointed by DNC along with a female VP, even a female VP of color.

WILD CARD #2: Trump drops out (political equivalent of bankruptcy play) and RNC appoints John Kasich and a female VP, even a female VP of color or Latina (Latinos come in all colors).

WILD CARD #3: The two-party tyranny knows that it does not want either Clinton or Trump, and manipulates the election with deep fraud to throw it into the House of Representatives — Ryan gets the Presidency, Obama gets one Supreme Court seat, Democrats get the Senate, the show goes on.

WILD CARD #4: With or without Trump and Sanders, Speaker Ryan does the right thing and introduces the Electoral Reform Act of 2016 which mandates Green and Libertarian candidates being in all debates; opens vacated seats for Greens, Libertarians, Independents and others; and allows voters to vote their conscience for president, with Instant Run-Off producing a true majority choice.

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