Robert Steele: President Mark Cuban in 2020?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

It’s a bit pre-mature to talk about running against Donald Trump in 2020. We need to see how the 100+ indictments play out; how deeply Attorney General Jeff Sessions tapped into the unprocessed NSA databases (I and one other told him he could easily nail 2,500 traitors, pedophiles, and frauds (both charity and electoral) if he followed our 26 May 2017 advisory); and whether the President will champion the Election Reform Act of 2017; an Open Source Agency with a  Trump Channel; and a Grand Strategy conversation with America.

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Phi Beta Iota: If Trump runs on a pledge of Electoral Reform, announces a Coalition Cabinet prior to 1 September, challenges all other candidates to do the same, and then holds a balanced budget bake-off, he wins as an Independent.  This is the one person we have seen who is credible and not a piss-ant wrapped up in No Labels and other similarly fraudulent schemes.