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This post is to update you all about progress with InterReflections, while also alerting everyone to a new bulk deal for The Zeitgeist Film Trilogy DVDs. Regarding the latter, over the past few years I have been working to eventually release an extended box set of the Zeitgeist Film Trilogy. This would include many hours of extra interviews and commentary – along with an upgrade to the films’ quality. However, to make way for this, existing DVD inventories needs to move – so I am offering packages of 20 DVDs virtually at-cost. These would make great gifts for friends, help those who want to resell locally, or provide support to those who prefer to use them as activist tools. See: http://gentlemachineproductions.com/

With respect to InterReflections, it has been a year since the successful Indiegogo campaign. This passing of time has been shocking to realize. Progress has been steady but work with The Zeitgeist Movement, along with an unexpected publishing offer for a (now completed) book on the future of human rights, has slowed things down more than I anticipated. While a great deal of attention and energy has been focused on this new film series, I do wish to state that this 130,000 word treatment on social theory and public health has become equally as important in my mind. The book, which will be officially published in a number of months by an agent out of Texas, has been created in parallel to InterReflections and is complimentary of it, even though the approach is naturally very different in terms of artistry and expression. More info about this important text will come when it gets closer to distribution.

That said, I’m sorry to disappoint given that while InterReflections may indeed be finished this year, its actual public release will likely not be. The complexity of the film is extensive and I’m confident that when everyone does finally see this piece, not to mention the two other sequels that will follow, the tediousness of its creation, careful planning, and this endless wait will be understood and appreciated. For those who are signed up to attending the eventual premiere of InterReflections in Los Angeles (as per the still-live Indiegogo perks), you will be notified no later than two months before the event so you can plan.

Thank you for your support (and patience) and cheers to hope for a better world.

Best Regards,
Peter Joseph

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