Berto Jongman: Darren Tromblay on Hybrid Warfare

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

“Hybrid Warfare” at Home: Asymmetric Tactics Are Not Just Used in Ukraine, they Are Employed against the United States, and Have Been for Quite Some Time

The United States has long been a target of hybrid warfare by states seeking to disrupt or influence U.S. decision-making. Hostile activities can be categorized under four paradigms: nullification of political actors – creating discord within a constituency so that it cannot effectively unify around a policy, or undercutting the credibility of a prominent policymaker who champions unwanted outcomes; assistance to anti-government movements – identifying elements in society which are willing to attack (rather than participate in) the policymaking process with vitriol or violence; fomenting distrust of the U.S. policymaking process, in order to sap its legitimacy; and appearing to fill needs / wants that the U.S. government cannot and thereby supplanting the U.S. government in a specific area. (Of course the countries that have been most active in this area – Cuba and Venezuela – have been unable to sustain their own states.)

Phi Beta Iota: Mr. Trmoblay offers an official narrative that is helpful in understanding the deep ignorance that characterizes much of our so-called intelligence community and related think tanks, universities, the media, and other camp followers. There is no question but that other governments strive to influence the USA in methods both open and covert — Israel and Saudi Arabia are vastly more pernicious  than China or Russia; France and Germany vastly more of a threat in terms of economic warfare than anyone else — and Cuba and Venezuela totally irrelevant. This is a child's rendition of what they just learned by rote from someone that does not do holistic analytics. Anyone — including the publishers of this article — who does not understand that it was Victoria Nuland and General Philip Breedlove who destabilized the Ukraine and sought to inspire a war with Russia, replacing criminal communists with criminal fascists more to the liking of our neo-fascist neo-conservatives who own the violent portion of the Deep State — should be sent to a re-education camp in the Soviet Gulag.  There is much that is useful in this article, but the depth of the contextual ignorance is troubling.

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