Michael Kearns: Jean Baudrillard on Four Realities

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Michael S. Kearns
Michael S. Kearns

“Postmodernist French social theorist Jean Baudrillard argues that a simulacrum is not a copy of the real, but becomes truth in its own right: the hyperreal. Where Plato saw two types of representation—faithful and intentionally distorted (simulacrum)—Baudrillard sees four: (1) basic reflection of reality; (2) perversion of reality; (3) pretence of reality (where there is no model); and (4) simulacrum, which “bears no relation to any reality whatsoever”.”

This is why your non-profit and the blog are so critical… to return to the real, is a step towards political renewal. We don't know reality inside a simulacrum.

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Phi Beta Iota: Jacques Ellul wrote to the nature of Propaganda, Chris Hedges to Empire of Illusion, many others to Fog Facts, Missing Information, Weapons of Mass Deception, and more. Jon Rappoport has a fully developed series on “The Matrix” as a false reality. For humanity to fulfil its potential, the control of the simulacrum by the 1% must be ended, and the 99% must reconnect to the Earth, to one another, and to the sacredness that is our cosmic nature when not repressed.

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