Mongoose: Harvard Says Greatest Threat To USA Is Its Own Dysfunctional Political System…

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Harvard study: Political ‘dysfunction’ crippling U.S. economy

America’s dysfunctional political system has emerged as the biggest threat to its economic competitiveness, according to a new Harvard Business School study.   . . .

The authors polled Harvard Business School alumni on the political reforms they thought were needed. “By far the most common category of suggestion was changing the election process, including steps such as modifying the primary system and shortening elections,” the authors found. Others suggested “limiting campaign contributions from corporations and unions,” “changes to Congressional rules and norms,” and the institution of term limits.

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Phi Beta Iota: No issue will get an honest evidence-based hearing until we achieve electoral reform — not the simplistic melange of reforms the below article lists at the end, but integrated electoral reform — twelve fixes, together.

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