Phantom Phixer: Wall? What Wall?

Commerce, Government, Law Enforcement

Phantom PhixerHow Drug Cartels Operate Like Silicon Valley Startups

Tunnels, catapults, drones, and manned semi-submersiblesBreast implants, fake carrots, and puppies.

skyrunner-in-flightDrug cannon discovered in Sonora

SkyRunner flying ATV goes on sale

According to its designers, it can go 115 mph on the ground, where it gets 53 mpg, and 55 mph in the air with a range of 200 nautical miles. Its maximum altitude is 15,000 feet, but FAA rules restrict its operation to 10,000 feet. All that’s needed to operate it is a sport pilot’s license, which can be earned with just 12 hours of lessons. As with most paragliders, it doesn't require an airport and can take off and land from just about any open stretch of ground, including the beach.

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