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NATO ExpansionStrategic Comments Expanded Below: 01 NATO does not know 80% of what it needs to know; 02 NATO does not plan for 60% or more of what it needs to plan for (all  ten high-level threats instead of just war and terrorism); 03 NATO needs to plan for de-Americanization of NATO and Europe; 04 NATO needs to help EU and EU police plan for the de-Nazification of Europe including the retirement of all GLADIO arms, cash, and personalities; 05 NATO could and should shift toward becoming a global peace-building enterprise orchestrating military contributions to Whole of Government and Multinational Multi-Agency programs that apply Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


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01 80% of what NATO needs to know is not known to NATO militaries or government, only to other governments (e.g. Middle Eastern) and other information tribes (academic, civil, commerce, government, law enforcement, media, and non-government/non-profit, in addition to military). NATO needs a new form of Alternative C4I that is completely open and that enables multinational multi-agency multi-tribe information-sharing and sense-making in real time.

02 60% or more what NATO needs to be doing is not being planned for now because NATO is focused on being a military strike organization rather than a regional peace-keeping and peace-building organization. there are TEN high-level threats to humanity, NATO is focusing on just two: inter-state conflict and terrorism. The other eight are poverty, infectious disease, environmental degradation, civil war, genocide, other atrocities, proliferation, and transnational crime.

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03 Plan for the de-Americanization of NATO and Europe. If Trump or Johnson win this begins immediately. If Clinton wins we will have a hybrid version of WWIII and then a revolution in the USA that will result in a total closure of all US bases overseas and an end to US financial support for NATO and all dictators as well as Israel. The ideal outcome would be an informaton-sharing and sense-making merger between the EU security and policy networks and the NATO military network. At some point the EU is going to have shut down American mis-representation of Russia as a threat and at some point the EU is going to have to stop buying American weapons such as the criminally insane F-35 — do not feed the US military-industrial complex, they are the enemy, along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE as well as covert elements of the US Deep State that are completely out of control and fostering terrorism to keep the fear and the weapons buying alive.

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04 Plan for the de-Nazification of NATO and Europe. Be acutely aware that the leadership of NATO (both within NATO and across the participating governments) is not “read in” on GLADIO and has no idea of the degree to which Allen Dulles and the CIA rescued fascists and their treasure from Germany, and the re-instated both overt and covert fascists across Europe and particularly in Italy and Germany and France. The amount of wealth and staged weaponry available to these fascists cannot be over-stated. NATO needs a Counterintelligence renaissance.

05 Beyond NATO's mandate at present, but worthy of some form of new strategic initiative, are the combination of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). The acme of skill is to defeat the enemy without fighting. The enemy in cosmic terms is the 1% elite led by the Rothschilds that own governments and disenfranchise the 99%, creating millions of displaced persons that are migrating north. We need to keep them gainfully employed and happy at home. We do this by combining an end to all support for dictators and Israel in its present fascist form, and by sponsoring OSEE energy, water, food, and education solutions.


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