Yoda: Riot Not Slack (Open Source Tool Integration)

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yoda with light saberWould you buy a C4I system from the same people that built the F-35 and the USS Gerald Ford? Of course you would. That’s why you are  dysfunctional.

Riot (formerly known as Vector while it was running in Beta) is a new UK-borne app. It’s aiming to bring conversations and productivity tools together, across different apps, and providing the ability to tweak and host your own version by being open source, while also being secure. Riot is built on Matrix, an open standard for decentralized persistent communication. Riot lets teams share data and collaborate on projects across different communication apps and third party tools. It uses Matrix to bridge to external networks such as Slack, IRC, Twitter and Gitter.

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Phi Beta Iota: $1.2 trillion dollars and a quarter century after Diane Webb and other defined the eighteen functionalities needed for all-source workstation, we still do not have them. “Not an expensive enough problem.” At the same time, the existing C4I system is — as Robert Steele told the National Research Council in 1994 when looking at the US Army’s multi-billion futures architecture — so insular as to be deaf, dumb, and blind in relation to accessing the 95% or so of the information that is outside the wire (and generally not secret, not in English, and not online). NATO has been thinking about Alternative C4I — that’s code for totally open (but secure) C4I that anyone can afford, anyone can use, allowing anyone to share and make sense together across all boundaries.

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The Original Series

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