David Maxwell: U.S. Special Operations Forces in the Philippines, 2001–2014 (Rand)

05 Civil War, 08 Wild Cards, 09 Terrorism, Ethics, IO Deeds of Peace, Military, Officers Call, Peace Intelligence
David S. Maxwell
David S. Maxwell

Robinson, Linda, Patrick B. Johnston and Gillian S. Oak. U.S. Special Operations Forces in the Philippines, 2001–2014. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 2016.

This report examines the 14-year experience of U.S. special operations forces in the Philippines from 2001 through 2014. The objective of this case history is to document and evaluate the activities and effects of special operations capabilities employed to address terrorist threats in Operation Enduring Freedom — Philippines through (1) training and equipping Philippine security forces, (2) providing operational advice and assistance, and (3) conducting civil–military and information operations. The report evaluates the development, execution, and adaptation of the U.S. effort to enable the Philippine government to counter transnational terrorist groups.

Table of Contents Below the Fold

  • Chapter One


  • Chapter Two

    U.S.-Philippine Relations in Historical Perspective

  • Chapter Three

    2001–2004: The Initiation of Operation Enduring Freedom — Philippines

  • Chapter Four

    2005–2007: The Move to Jolo and Operation Ultimatum

  • Chapter Five

    2008–2010: Expansion of Effort

  • Chapter Six

    2010–2012: Transitioning Up

  • Chapter Seven

    2012–2014: Zamboanga Siege and Transitioning Out

  • Chapter Eight


  • Appendix A

    Balikatan 02-1 Terms of Reference

  • Appendix B

    Plan Analysis Tool

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