Reference: First Annual US-Mexico International Labor Law Conference (1992)

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First Annual United States – Mexico International Labor Law Conference
Mexico City, Mexico _ October 26-27, 1992

October 1993

This report was jointly prepared by the Department of Labor, Office of the Solicitor, and the Mexican Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the Secretaries of Labor of the United States and Mexico in May 1991. The United States portion of the proceedings were prepared under the direction of
John F. Depenbrock, Associate Solicitor, Division of Labor-Management Laws. Compilation and editing was by Donald D. Carter, Jr., assisted by Joy K. Reynolds. The report is not an official document and does not express the policies or views of either the U.S. Government or the Government of the United Mexican States.



Labor and Employment Law in the United States – A Patchwork of Protections,
Perils, and Promises Prof Charles J. Morris

Administrative Law and Procedure in the Labor Sector Prof. Peter L. Strauss

Practical Dispute Resolution Techniques Prof Stephen B. Goldberg

Mediation and Other Dispute Resolution Practices in the United States of America Mr. James F. Power

Laws Protecting the Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining Prof Julius G. Getman

Role of the National Labor Relations Board – To Provide for Industrial Democracy in the Workplace Hon. Jerry M. Hunter

Laws Promoting Cooperative Labor-Management Relations Prof Benjamin Aaron

A Commentary on Laws Promoting Cooperative Labor-Management Relations Prof. Marley S. Weiss

Laws Promoting Worker Training, Productivity and Quality Prof Samuel Estreicher

A Commentary on Laws Promoting Worker Training, Productivity and Quality Edward E. Potter, Esq.

An Overview of the Laws of Work-Related Social Benefit Systems in the United States Prof Jeffrey S. Lehman

Palabras de Apertura Lie. Manuel Gomezperalta Damiron

Normas Constitucionales Dr. Jose Davalos Morales

Ley Federal del Trabajo -Principios Generales-Dr. Nestor de Buen Lozano

Relaciones Individuales de Trabajo; Condiciones de Trabajo; Derechos y Obligaciones de los Trabajadores y de los Patrones; Trabajo de las Mujeres; Trabajo de los Menores Lie. Francisco Brelfa Garduflo

Trabajos Especiales Dr. Hugo Italo Morales

Relaciones Colectivas de Trabajo Dip. y Lie. Juan Moises Calleja Garcia

Huelgas Lie. Miguel Angel Pino De La Rosa

Riesgos de Trabajo Dr. Juan Antonio Legaspi Velasco

Autoridades del Trabajo y Servicios Sociales – Personal Juridico de las Juntas de Conciliaci6n y Arbitraje Lie. Juan Bautista Climent Beltran

Derecho Procesal del Trabajo Lie. Adolfo TeTUl Morelos

Derecho a la Salud; Derecho a la Vivienda; Derecho al Credito Lie. Roberto del Cueto Legaspi

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