Del Spurlock: Selling Out the Conscience of the (Black) Jocks

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Delbert J. Spurlock Jr.
Delbert J. Spurlock Jr.

Tune in ESPN tonight and watch the Black President of the United States on the Campus of North Carolina A&T sell out the consciousness and bravery of Colin Kaepernick and the young men and women who stand against the hypocrisy of American by taking a knee. By this duplicity Obama doubles down on the sale of the Civil Rights Movement to the American Imperial Enterprise.

ESPN’s The Undefeated Presents A Conversation with The President: Sports, Race & Achievement

Obama's Selma Sale

The most important words in Mr. Obama’s memorial to the young, now old, people who fashioned a voting rights revolution illustrate his greatest failure as a President.

“That’s what makes us unique, and cements our reputation as a beacon of opportunity. Young people behind the Iron Curtain would see Selma and eventually tear down a wall. Young people in Soweto would hear Bobby Kennedy talk about ripples of hope and eventually banish the scourge of apartheid. Young people in Burma went to prison rather than submit to military rule. From the streets of Tunis to the Maidan in Ukraine, this generation of young people can draw strength from this place, where the powerless could change the world’s greatest superpower, and push their leaders to expand the boundaries of freedom.”

Mr. Obama’s greatest failure as a President is his continuation and reinforcement of the American commitments to war and civic domination of others as a matter of national policy. That failure dooms America’s young people to everlasting war, never-ending debt, and to powerlessness. His actions have suffocated the development of pride and honor in the young men of the world given life through his first words as President. No greater reaction to the duplicity of those words has been the recruiting success of a barbarism wholly created by American political leadership of two generations. From his own country he has given the young people of the world an opportunity to view America’s forfeiture of the lives of veterans of two generations who have served its interest in war.

And in conflating Selma and the Kanganite inspired coup of the Maidan, Mr. Obama exceeds the hypocrisy of the President who preceded him in awarding the Medal of Freedom to Franks, Bremer and Tenet. The significance of the reference to Maiden will go unnoticed by most who marched and celebrated a magnificent moment in American history. To the Neo-Con perpetrators of permanent war, the Maidan reference is perpetual narrative in support of the universal civic chaos they seek.

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