Stephen E. Arnold: Google’s Closed (Controlled) Jail Yard

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Google and the Mobile Traffic Matter

I read a couple of writes up about “Google May Be Stealing Your Mobile Traffic.” Quite surprisingly there was a response to these “stealing” articles by Google. You can read the explanation in a comment by Malte Ubl in the original article (link here).   . . .  Today’s Google is now a legacy system. I know this is heretical, but Google is not a search company. The firm is using its legacy platform to deliver revenue and maximize that revenue. Facebook (which has lots of Xooglers running around) is doing essentially the same thing but with plumbing variations. I am probably wildly out of step with youthful Googlers and the zippy mobile AMPers. But from my vantage point, Google has been delivering a closed garden solution for a long time.

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The user interacts with the Google, not the Internet for certain types of content. The filtering is far from perfect, but it an attempt to gain control over the who, what, why, when, and where of information access and delivery. © Stephen E Arnold, 2007, All rights reserved.

Phi Beta Iota:The full post is worth reading very carefully. Mr. Arnold is the world's top authority on Google outside of Larry and Sergei (inside Google they have so many silos no one else has the whole picture). The Google Trilogy is out of print but can be purchased from the author for $250 — there is still today no finer expose of the dark insides of the Google beast than that done by Stephen A. Arnold. Contact

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