Antechinus + Owl: Hillary Clinton Going Down for Treason, Pedophilia, & Murder — NYPD Insights on the “Soft Coup”

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Below is a complete transcript of comments appearing to come from an NYPD source that detail facts emerging from the 650,000 emails taken into evidence by the NYPD. What jumps out early on is the clear evidence that Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin were shipping classified information directly to Saudi Arabia and Qatar (IP addresses physically located in those two countries). Also clear is the preliminary evidence that Hillary Clinton, not just Bill Clinton has made many trips — without her husband — to Jeffrey Epstein's Caribbean Island that was evidently a Mossad honey trap wired for audio and video — they have tapes of each Clinton doing their own criminal thing.

Phi Beta Iota: Wall Street elite pedophiles may be terrified of what will emerge from these emails as well as what it likely to become a nation-wide hacking campaign to “out” all elite pedophiles who also murder orphaned children in satanic rituals — an elite “privilege” to which law enforcement has previously turned a blind eye. The Clintons are now looking at serious jail time — we would not be at all surprised to find the two elder Clintons opt for assisted suicide. Chelsea Clinton should go to jail or be left with nothing. All Clinton Foundation assets — including the offshore accounts — should be part of a post-conviction confiscation. We continue to believe that Lynn Rothschild is on to something with her vision for “Inclusive Capitalism,” there is a debt renunciation/debt renegotiation deal to be made here, along with an end to all elite pedophilia and satanic ritual murders. Truth & Reconciliation remain our preferred mind-set.

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Anonymous (ID: E+N68Trh) 11/05/16(Sat)11:28:20 No.96217448

Anonymous Thu 03 Nov 2016 02:52:00 No. 95128341

I do not confirm or deny that I work for any law enforcement or intelligence agency. However, I have intimate knowledge of the ongoing investigation(s) into what exactly was discovered at Anthony Weiner’s residence and the subsequent investigations that followed.

First, people must understand, the Clinton Foundation investigation and the probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server are two separate case files but they overlap, frequently.

To address her use of a private server, the investigation only pertained to whether classified information was transmitted, stored or archived. The FBI determined, internally, that all three of these criteria were met.

Anonymous (ID: E+N68Trh) 11/05/16(Sat)11:29:05 No.96217498

Due to the political sensitivity of the suspect and her aides, the Department of Justice demanded Director Comey abandon the probe and make a public statement, absolving Secretary Clinton of any wrongdoing as you have seen play out in the headlines over the past few months.

The Clinton Foundation probe has been taking place since the summer of 2015. It involves an incredibly complex array of individuals, countries, banks & politicians. The general specifics of the case can be publicly found in Peter Schweizer’s book, “Clinton Cash”, which is in fact, accurate.

In September of 2016, a raid was conducted by the NYPD in cooperation with the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division, headed by Stephen E. Richardson. The raid turned up several devices belonging to Mr. Weiner & Mrs. Abedin. This included two cell phones, one laptop and router which was turned over to the FBI’s cyber-crime division.

A short but revealing investigation was conducted which revealed new emails relating to the original probe into Secretary Clinton’s use of a private server. These emails were originally deleted through unsophisticated means, meaning there was no program used to continuously overwrite the data until it is virtually irretrievable. Words cannot describe how good the NYPD’s computer forensic team is, they truly are the best in the world at what they do

Anonymous (ID: E+N68Trh) 11/05/16(Sat)11:29:48 No.96217557

Getting back on point, the forensics team at the NYPD was successful in recovering 650,000+ emails in addition to an extensive archive of folders containing images and videos over 1.6 terabytes of data in total. Approximately 25% of the emails recovered tied directly into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and had classified markings.

In addition, very disturbing emails were also uncovered detailing trips taken by Mrs. Abedin, William Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Mr. Jeffrey Epstein and several others to the Bahamas. The amount of time varies between them, however. Hillary took 28 separate trips in total with and without Bill. This can be verified in public record with the FFA and flight logs. It is also important to note the Secret Service was not present on these flights. The rumors are out and I can confirm they are all true.

We are dealing with serial pedophiles. However, some of the motives appear to be to create bribes or “life insurance”

This archive of emails and files Huma had appears to have been kept with the intention of soliciting bribes. This is common practice in other countries as a means of political cronyism. However, there is more. The router seized and logs which were obtained from the ISP show that this bribe material along with classified information was purposely with clear intent being transmitted to IP ranges in the middle east, namely Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Anonymous (ID: E+N68Trh) 11/05/16(Sat)11:30:25 No.96217617

When this was discovered, the FBI immediately took both Mr. Weiner and Mrs. Abedin in for questioning, as now we are dealing with a national security and potential espionage situation. Mr. Weiner quickly confessed to knowing about the bribe material and is in full cooperation with the NYPD, FBI & the CIA’s counter espionage team.

For Anthony Weiner’s cooperation, he may face lesser charges for helping convict Mrs. Clinton and William (Bill) Clinton. Huma is only cooperating to a point. She does not deny the material that was found. However, she refuses to provide details on who she was communicating with and is currently under observation while the FBI & CIA conduct a separate investigation into Huma’s ties with foreign actors.

There are a lot of moving parts and the more shocking evidence (the pedophilia) was used to gain leverage on the Department of Justice who have continuously stonewalled these investigations for political reasons.

Following Friday’s announcements, the President of the United States was briefed and warned that his interference into these investigations can and will lead to his arrest. Namely on the charges of treason (for stopping the investigation into a suspect accused of espionage) & obstruction of justice. He was placed under a gag order and was told if he speaks about the investigation, he will immediately be arrested.

Anonymous (ID: S6NNSPk2) 11/05/16(Sat)11:30:28 No.96217620

File: 1471422157616.jpg (23 KB, 469×324)

Anonymous (ID: E+N68Trh) 11/05/16(Sat)11:31:07 No.96217678

The FBI is looking to charge: Hillary, Bill, Chelsea & Donna Shalala under RICO law in addition to the other offenses uncovered from the Weiner investigation. Loretta Lynch is slightly more difficult because she controls the DOJ. There is an internal battle between the DOJ and the Washington FBI office. The FBI has basically been forced to bribe the DOJ by going public if Lynch interferes with the new investigation. This is one reason you have yet to see a press conference from the FBI. However, things are starting to get dicy and cooler heads are not prevailing fast enough.

You may see within the next to two weeks, the NYPD or the FBI have an informal press conference confirming this information which has been leaked, already through anonymous internet posts, videos & former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Dr. Stephen Pieczenik.

There is also a third angle to this internal feud taking place within the Federal Government. Several members of the Intelligence Community have reached their boiling point with the President, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, Valerie Jarret, Susan Rice & the head of the DEA [DNI], James Clapper.

This as initiated a “soft coup” of sorts which started with the resignation of General Michael Flynn who refused to take parts in acts of treason by the Obama Administration as it relates to the transfer of weapons & supplies to Islamic State of Iraq & Lavant.

Anonymous (ID: E+N68Trh) 11/05/16(Sat)11:31:59 No.96217747

This soft coup is not just a few individuals, it includes members of the NYPD, FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, DHS & Department [Office] of Naval Intelligence. In addition to a coordinated effort of retired & non-retired intelligence officers, analysts & commandos.

It is also worth mentioning M16, Mossad, Interpol & independent civilians like Mr. Julian Assange have also put their lives and careers on the line to help expose this hostile takeover of the U.S. Government by a criminal crime syndicate by means of political subversion. There have been casualties already of leakers both of government and non-government. It is also worth noting, several U.S. Military Generals and Admirals have also agreed not to follow certain orders. This includes actions in Syria as it pertains to Russia, Turkey & Iran. Cooperation in Intelligence meetings have literally come to a halt. Right now, the United States ability to conduct clandestine operations is virtually impossible because of this gridlock between the Political, Military and Intelligence Community.  [Phi Beta Iota: M16 and Mossad are very heavily into pedophilia as a political control tool. There are some very ethical officers in both organizations, it may be that the secret world in finally fragmented between those with ethics and those without ethics.]

However, this is another way the soft coup is gaining leverage. Susan Rice, the National Security Advisor to President Obama has not helped. She too could be facing charges of treason if the right factions within the Federal Government take control. The political actors causing these problems are obvious in the public eye to anyone who understands even the rudimentary intricacies of how healthy government is supposed to function. Those basics which have been outlined by our Founding Fathers in the U.S. Constitution. A Constitution which I proudly swore to uphold and defend at all cost no matter the odds or advisory.

Anonymous (ID: E+N68Trh) 11/05/16(Sat)11:32:37 No.96217795

I outlined the resistance to the political coup which has taken place. I can tell you the political forces at work lack the intellectual ability to combat the Intelligence Community. The leaks that have yet to come out are devastating to the government and in the next few weeks we will either have a peaceful transition of power or turmoil. The Clinton Foundation probe can go one of two ways. It ends with those responsible for the heinous crimes going to jail or the bravest patriots I have ever had the privilege of knowing “resetting” our Republic & the world to a status quo.


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