Mongoose: Two False Flag Attacks — One in Iraq, One in USA

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False flag: Baghdad car bomb attack faked

Middle East Monitor, 3 November 2016

If true, this would represent an example of a “false flag” operation designed to demonise a segment of Iraq's social fabric in order to continue a policy ..

Donald Trump Supporters Raise $124k+ for Burned Down Black Church

Regated, 2 November 2016

False flag arson. I'm sure it will turn out that … Democrats burn it down to create false flag event, and Trump supporters rebuild it. Making the Church …

Phi Beta Iota: False flag attacks are theatrical attacks, often with real deaths, intended to deceive the public and achieve public animosity toward a specific target or public support for a specific policy based on lies (the invasion of Iraq, for example, based on a 9/11 attack orchestrated and overseen by Dick Cheney, with 935 now-documented lies used to carry the USA into a five trillion dollar war on seven countries in five years). Most of  what is happening in the USA today is in some way false, and that false nature is supported by a complicit media that does not question authority. As a general statement, lies are unconstitutional, anti-democratic, kill innocents, and favor the 1% over the 99%.

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