Mongoose: Electoral College To Overturn Trump Win? UPDATE 2 – Soros Buys Stein, Clinton Smells Blood, Trump Silent…

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UPDATE 2: Soros and others have bought Jill Stein, never the brightest nor most ethical person, she is seizing her $7 million and fifteen minutes of fame, and badly so. This is a presidential candidate who is so ignorant of the twelve ways the system is rigged she cannot even pretend to be credible with her well-funded challenge to three states — nor is she capable of pointing to the fact that Hillary Clinton stole the primaries from Bernie Sanders with electronic fraud. Meanwhile Lawrence Lessig, an electoral reform gad-fly who cannot count past three, has called for the Electoral College to vote for Clinton — never mind that she did not win the popular vote either — and an online petition has been started asking the Electoral College not to vote for Trump. Through all this, Trump remains silent. This is not over. He should be educating the public on all of the electoral fraud undertaken by Hillary Clinton, and pre-empting the challenge by working with Senator Chuck Schumer and Speaker Paul Ryan to introduce the Electoral Reform Act — the Unity Act — before 19 December, promising to sign it on Inauguration Day.

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The Constitution lets the electoral college choose the winner. They should choose Clinton.

Online petition asks Electoral College not to vote Trump

UPDATE 1: “This isn't over!” Behind the scenes Hillary Clinton is “negotiating” to avoid criminal investigation, indictment, conviction, and jail time at the same time that Donald Trump is “negotiating” to secure his victory  that did include electoral fraud but resulted largely because of the twin failure of Clinton's electoral fraud as used against Bernie Sanders and then shut down for the general election, and the Podesta pedophilia and Weiner treason emails. Trump appears tone deaf on a Unity Act — the Electoral Reform Act of 2017 — in partnership with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) — as the obvious next step to shut all this down and make it right.

Experts Urge Clinton Campaign to Challenge Election Results in 3 Swing States

Computer scientists urge Hillary Clinton’s campaign to call for recount in WI, MI, PA

TIME Magazine and The Huffington Post are both promulgating the idea that the Electoral College could and should overturn the win by Donald Trump when they meet on 19 December 2016. While the odds of this are roughly the same as the odds against Trump winning, he did win, so  this WILD CARD should not be discounted. In combination with the subversion being funded by George Soros and others, we are still in a potential crisis mode.

The Electoral College Was Created to Stop Demagogues Like Trump

President Trump Isn’t A Done Deal. Electors Should Vote For Clinton On Dec. 19.

Millions are petitioning the Electoral College to make Hillary Clinton president — here's why that probably won't happen

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Trump is not helping himself with his current selection process that is firmly within the Republican half of the one bird two wings same crap rigged system. There is no doubt that Trump is playing the Republicans — including the Rats for Clinton and his major detractors including Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, and Nikki Haley, brilliantly, he is not doing the same for those who represent the 73% that did not vote for him (47% did not vote at all, the rest voted for Clinton with a small slice for Johnson). At a minimum he should be inviting Jon Huntsman, Joe Lieberman, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Cynthia McKinney, and Ralph Nader in for very public chats. Add Jesse Ventura, Cornell West, and a few others, and you have  the makings for a really great circus.

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Trump is also not being clear with the public about the fact that after deducting the three million dead people and illegal immigrants, Clinton did not win the popular vote. He needs to make this point, while also emphasizing that she stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders and intending to use the same electronic voting fraud against him.

Graphic: How Hillary Clinton Stole the Democratic Nomination from Bernie Sanders — and Did Not Legally Win the Popular Vote

Phantom Phixer: Trump Won Popular Vote If 3 Million Illegal Alien Votes for Hillary Clinton Are Disqualified

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Collaborating with Senator Chuck Schumer, who is aware of the Electoral Reform Act – Unity Act possibilities — and making a joint speech with Senator Schumer from New York committing to signing this Act that Senator Schumer would introduce now, in time for signature on Inauguration Day, would settle the matter and make America right (pun intended).

There is more to be done, now, to secure this victory.

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