Robert Steele: “Whites Only” Grafitti Part of the Soros “Purple Revolution” Subversion Plan?

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

I am watching with astonishment as everyone rushes to assume that the “Trump Nation Whites Only” grafitti was done by a supporter of Donald Trump.  How stupid do you have  to be? George Soros is executing a “color revolution” against Donald Trump and the Republican Party, and they are foolishly not calling him out on it. Certainly there are a few Trump supporters that are feeling cocky in the aftermath, but on balance I judge all of the grafitti and half the public confrontations to be bought and paid for by George Soros and the Clinton Foundation — one more thing for James Comey to investigate. Donald Trump should certainly call on all his supporters to be disciplined, but he should not validate the assumption that the grafitti and the public harrassment are the fault of his supporters.

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Soros and Clinton — and the neo-fascist neo-conservatives that hate Donald Trump even as they suck up to him — have legions of low-rent morons who are more than happy to pretend to be Trump supporters and do hate grafitti in the dark of night.  This is covert operations clandestine mischief at its lowest level.

My prediction? A sniper funded by George Soros or someone like him is going to shoot a few of these stupid children protesting the Trump presidency, and the Clinton News Network will rush to blame it on Trump supporters. None of these people realize that Trump is a miracle from God and the single best chance we have to destroy the two-party tyranny and pass an Electoral Reform Act — a Unity Act — that actually assures that in the future, Members of Congress work for their constituents rather  than Wall Street, and the President represents a true majority of the voting public, not — as is the case with Trump and would be the case with Clinton had her electoral fraud plans not been derailed — just 27%.

Trump won.  Trump's supporters are both happy and worried — they are worried that the Swamp People in Washington DC — most them completely lacking in both intelligence and integrity in the purest sense of those words — are hijacking the Trump presidency. Imagine the riots we might be having if Hillary Clinton, a woman richly eligible for incarceration for fraud if not hanging for treason, had won, and all her fraudulent methods were immediately leaked out.

Neither Obama nor Clinton are going to be a help here. They are chortling at the mess Soros is making and I am sad that our university and high school children are so uninformed about the facts:

Trump does have a HUGE responsibility in calming those — particularly those who are in white supremacy and anti-Muslim mode — and ensuring they are over the near term educated on the possibilities and the facts. Here are a few FACTS that every single media personality, political personality, and academic personality is refusing to contemplate:

FACT ONE: Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are “fringe” candidates. Neither can claim more than 27% of the eligible voters as supporters.

FACT TWO: There is no difference between the DNC and the RNC, and the next batch of leaked emails from NSA and other sources will probably expose the collusion. Reince Priebus needs to start thinking about how not to follow Debbie Wasserman into oblivion. His emails with the DNC are going to come to light in the next year.

FACT THREE: The electoral system is rigged twelve different ways. Both the DNC and the RNC like it that way. I had to run for president in 2012 to understand all this stuff, so I have to remind myself that 90% of the voting public is clueless. The DNC and RNC have defeated legislation nine times — the last four as introduced by Ron Paul — to fix the electoral system. The real enemy of these protesters is the axis of evil known as the DNC and RNC and their Wall Street “owner-operators,” not Donald Trump.

FACT FOUR: 47% of all eligible voters did not vote at all in 2016. If Donald Trump were to sponsor and then sign an Electoral Reform Act — a Unity Act — I speculate that half the silly people who loved Clinton in spite of her  theft of the nomination from Bernie Sanders, and half the non-voters, would agree that Donald Trump is starting off well. That adds up to roughly 60% of the US eligible voters — twice the mandate of any recent president.

A thankful note: I want to thank George Soros and the Clintons and their paid and mis-led protesters. I have tried to explain the above to the Trump campaign since I first wrote “Counter-Coup: How Donald Trump Can Win” for CounterPunch, as published on 14 August 2015. For fifteen months I have been unable to get anyone — from Roger Stone to Cory Lewandowsky to Paul Manafort to Steve Bannon to Donald Trump Jr — to pay attention to the fundamentals. They won by accident.  It is a miracle, by the hand of God. And now they are going to blow it unless the listen.  So rock on, protesters, until Donald Trump feels the pain as I have felt the pain these many dark years since JFK was assassinated and the Deep State took over in earnest.

A respectful note: I am told that the protests and other illegal activities that the Clintons and Soros and others have undertaken both during the election and in the aftermath of the election, have backfired. Donald Trump is vastly smarter than most people realize, he is cutting some deals with China and others that will remake the world in our favor and bury the cabal that has been treating the USA as their personal piggy bank. What Trump is missing is the focus on how to achieve unity and put the public back in power, Priebus and Ryan and Scott Walker are never in a million years going to  tell him he needs to put the RNC and DNC down and restore power to the people. So Trump is doing great behind the scenes, I pray he will not allow any neo-cons or agents of a foreign power (generally those that work for Israel and Saudi Arabia) into actual positions of power, and I pray that he will hear me on the Unity Act in time for a Thanksgiving Address to the Republic [but with teasers released immediately from this day forward].

A philosophical note: The Confederate flag — and the importation of Syrian refugees created by Hillary Clinton and John Brennan in service to Saudi Arabia and Israel — are touchstones for how criminally insane the current Administration has gotten. On the one hand, it is insane to ban and diminish a flag that represented the blood, treasure, and spirit of a defeated nation — we may as well treat the British flag the same way. On the other hand, the degree to which the liberals will tolerate any peversion in the name of “tolerance” is in fact repressive of a values-based nation. The secret importation of thousands of Syrians who are being pressed on states that don't want them and cannot trust the federal government to screen them, is an example of an out of control imperial government that has no respect for state rights. We need at least a virtual Constitutional Convention as a national conversation and pulse-taking.

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For the record, both Preibus and Ryan have ignored repeated letters and facsimiles warning them that an Electoral Reform Act — a Unity Act — was needed if Donald Trump were to achieve true deep legitimacy and staying power. The Republican Party is headed for precisely the same disaster that has befallen the Democratic Party — the arrogance of victory and the attempt to extend a winner take all system will inevitably lead to the end of the Republican Party.

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