Robert Steele: Memorandum for President-Elect Donald Trump – 3 Big Problems, 3 Big Solutions

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele


14 November 2016


Subject: Three Big Problems, Three Big Solutions

You face three big problems right now, all of which need to be addressed right now.

01 It is highly likely that a future round of leaked emails will include compelling evidence of how the RNC and DNC have co-conspired over the years, to include the RNC asking the DNC to shut down the Iran-Contra investigation being led by Senator John Kerry. We are going to face the same public anger that the DNC drew from the Sandernistas, but from a larger spectrum of the public seeing new evidence of betrayal by what is now commonly known as “the two-party tyranny.”

02 The “Purple Revolution” is going to get much much uglier. The genie is out of the box, the next big leap is going to see a coalition of the Sandernistas and everyone on the alternative right that is going to be convinced that you have sold them out to the “Swamp People,” along with the increasingly desperate unemployed. Apart from protests funded and organized by George Soros and others, I anticipate false flag “whites only” hate grafitti and perhaps even the shooting of a few young protesters, all to be blamed on Trump supporters.

03 A coalition is forming – all the people we chose to ignore over the past fifteen months – focused on pointing out that you, like Barack Obama, are a “fringe” president who represents only 27% of the eligible voters. The Republican Party leaders will continue to lie to you about how the GOP is on a roll and will grow.  Not so. It — and the Democratic Party — are at the end of their days.

There are three solutions within your power to execute within the next six weeks.

01 Announce an Electoral Reform Summit, the Summit to take place in early December. Commit to asking Speaker Paul Ryan to develop the Electoral Reform Act — to be known as the Unity Act — in time for you to sign that Act into law on Inauguration Day. You can unrig the system and bury the fraudulent “Purple Revolution” that is code for keeping the “two-party tyranny” intact while extorting from you a power-sharing arrangement. This will dominate the news cycle going toward Thanksgiving and stop all the protests. The “two-party tyranny” must be seen by the uneducated protesters for what it is: the front for Wall Street against Main Street, the duopoly that blocks 70% of all eligible voters from meaningful ballot access and vote (to the point that 47% of all eligible voters did not vote at all in 2016). Educate and unite us all.


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02 Announce a Grand Strategy Summit to be completed in early December. Pause all appointments, make no promises until this has been completed. The last Grand Strategy was done in 1953 under the direction of President Dwight Eisenhower. This event, addressing all threats and all policies as an integrated whole, will when approved by you, become your “commanders' intent” for your Cabinet and for all who are appointed to political positions at your direction. This event could also be used to screen all your Cabinet candidates individually and as a group — watch them work together, watch them put forward proposed policies with and without evidence to back up their often irrational and unaffordable views, and you will able to pick the instruments of your orchestra one by one, hearing those that are in tune with your vision against those that merely want to use you to advance their own agendas.


Robert Steele: An American Grand Strategy*

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03 Announce the establishment of a Presidential Academy that will train your political appointees, 250 at a time, and thereafter serve as a unifying educational, intelligence, and research network such that every individual appointed by you have been vetted by the Presidential Academy as a team player who is deeply versed in your “commander's intent” for Whole of Government policy and operations. Note: Recruiting 4,000 people is not that hard if you automate the Plum Book (Policy and Supporting Positions), demand one single point of entry ( subset), and have four nomination tracks, 1000 each: Team Trump, Congress, Citation Analytics**, and Continuity (a mix of retained Democratic appointments and Acting appointments given to the best of the professional class).

Reference: None. No one has ever done this before.

* Addresses national security only. An equivalent is needed for all domestic issues, and then the two need to be merged.

** For roughly $2,500 per topic (e.g. poverty) it is possible to identify the top 100 people in the world — most in the USA — publishing on any given topic and being heavily cited by others. Examples can be seen here, this cost $30,000 to produce in 2007: Experts. Centers, Books.

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