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How Russia Pulled Off the Biggest Election Hack in U.S. History

Putin, Wikileaks, the NSA and the DNC email fiasco that gave Trump and Clinton another reason to be at odds

Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: Below is my Letter to the Editor that will probably not be published — the US media not only cannot handle the truth, it is paid to publish misinformation.

. . . . . . .

Your publication of “How Russia Pulled Off the Biggest Election Hack in U.S. History” is wrong on several points. Indeed, it is embarrassing to me to see you fall so easily for the US Government's official lies being channeled via the British.

01 As my colleague William Binney has clearly stated, as well as Julian Assange himself, the DNC was not hacked by the Russians, it was hacked by NSA and the leaked emails were in part revenge for Clinton's mis-handling of classified materials, and was part of a larger “coup” against Clinton by patriotic American intelligence professionals — you might find the YouTube by former Assistant Secretary of State Steve Pieczenik of interest. Separately we have published dismissals of Admiral Mike Rogers and Director James Clapper — it should concern you that Director James Comey refused to sign off on the White House press release that was propaganda (lies) aimed at the US public. The evidence of a Russian channel for the DNC hacks has been fabricated — indeed we recently published proof that the primary user of the Yandex accounts demonstrated a lack of Russian language knowledge. As someone who opened Hackers on Planet Earth in 1994, I can assure you that Russia is one of our favorite routes for concealing our actual tracks. You've been had.

02 NSA has been penetrated by the Israelis, the Chinese (who ride in via the electrical connections, one reason NSA has been frantically trying to create its own power plants), and the Russians, for over a decade. This is not news.

03 I note with interest that the article does not address Hillary Clinton's allegation that the Russians were hacking the voting machines. I am the foremost proponent for integrated electoral reform in the USA, and have for years drawn attention to the deliberate fraud associated with Diebold and other machines that do “fractional” manipulation by design. Perhaps you missed the Stanford University report on Hillary Clinton stealing 13 primary elections from Bernie Sanders. What you also seem to have missed is the fact that because of Hillary Clinton's false allegations against the Russians, the Department of Homeland Security stepped in, and Hillary Clinton lost the ability to steal as many state elections from Donald Trump as she did from Bernie Sanders. Both parties committed varied forms of electoral fraud — our system is rigged in twelve different ways — in the end Clinton was undone by the combination of losing her electronic fraud options and the Podesta emails combined wit hthe 650,000 emails captured on one of Anthony Weiner's computers — including emails proving treason (classified information sent to IP addresses in Saudi Arabia and Qatar) and influence peddling — the holy grail for prosecutors, documenting the direct quid pro quo sale of Syria and Yemen for millions from Saudi Arabia, and 25% of US uranium for millions from Russia via Canada. My larger analysis is easily found in my publication, “Donald Trump, The Accidental President — Under Siege! A Soft Coup Rages within a Closed Rigged System…”

The New York Times has recently apologized for getting everything so wrong — and Donald Trump has very properly chewed out all of the main media commentators for their bias and ignorance.  What you may not know is that many of us have been trying to get the so-called mainstream media as well as the so-called progressive media to focus on the rigged system since I first briefed Occupy in 2011 and then ran briefly for president in 2012. You have all failed to be serious. I would be very pleased if you cared to focus now, on  the fact that Barack Obama was elected by 26%, Donald Trump by 27% and — had she not lost by fraction — Hillary Clinton would have been a 27% “winner. Does it not concern you that 47% of our eligible voters chose not to vote, again? Does it not concern you that for all his talk of unity Donald Trump has refused — as all other presidential candidates have refused (Bernie Sanders blew me off eight times) to be serious about electoral reform?

I wrote the original letter to the White House in 1994 regarding the need to invest a billion dollars a year (in 1994 dollars) in cyber-security. Instead of listening, the White House allowed NSA to co-conspire with the CEOs of IBM, HP, Microsoft and others to compromise every US communications and computer system, for their convenience.  NSA spawned the Chinese and Russian hacker communities by making it too easy. That's another story you missed.

You have a chance now, to focus on something that matters and get it right.  I urge you to do a cover story on how the system is rigged twelve different ways, and how Chuck Schumer and Donald Trump have one chance, now, to unify the country and restore integrity to our electoral and governance systems and thence to our economy and our society.

I will help you if you wish.

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Steele, Robert with James Anderson, William Caelli, and Winn Schwartau, “Correspondence, Sounding the Alarm on Cyber Security,” McLean, VA: Open Source Solutions, Inc., August 23, 1994.

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