CounterPunch: Historical & Structural Reasons for Skepticism of CIA Claims – Remaining Agnostic on Claims of Russian Hackers

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Historical & Structural Reasons for Skepticism of CIA Claims: Remaining Agnostic on Claims of Russian Hackers

David Price

Suddenly, many on the American left now embrace notions of a CIA led coup against a rogue President-elect; with little discussion of the CIA’s long history of interfering in elections, covertly undermining candidates not of their liking.  Now we have US liberals cheering for a possible CIA coup here at home.

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Phi Beta Iota: All sources with both technical knowledge about hacking and substantive knowledge about CIA are challenging the CIA report — some are calling for the immediate dismissal of John Brennan and the official rescinding of the CIA report that is in direct contraction to the White’s stated dismissal of this very notion.

See Especially:

White House insists hackers didn’t sway election, even as recount begins

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