Stephen E. Arnold: Facebook, Google, Twitter All Agree to Censor the Deplorables!

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Stephen E. Arnold

Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube: A Spirit of Cooperation

I found this write up interesting. No philosophy or subjective comment required. The title of the write up is “Partnering to Help Curb Spread of Online Terrorist Content.” This is what is called “real” news, but that depends upon one’s point of view.

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Phi Beta Iota: “Digital fingerprints” are acutely personal. What this means is that Facebook, Google, and Twitter can “disappear” a person in cyberspace — reminding us of how despotic regimes “disappear” their own citizens into unmarked graves. The “deplorables” have deeply frightened the Establishment, which relies heavily on bribed politicians, a complicit media, apathetic military and law enforcement elements — and — they thought — an effective digital gulag in which they could easily compare Trump to Hitler while repressing all conversations about Clinton as a pedophile, traitor, and criminal. It almost worked. What they missed is that the deplorables do most of their communicating face to face, not in cyber-space, and that there are now enough deplorable eyeballs on every lie being told by CNN, Fox, the mainstream media, and the social media giants, that a moral and intellectual revolution may just be possible.

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