Yoda: Cannabis Lifestyle Rising – 16 Trends in 2016

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16 cannabis lifestyle trends that helped define 2016

You could call it the year of the cannabis consumer: retailers finally focus on UX, celebrities cater to enthusiasts, media outlets clamor for attention and a more refined world of edibles and concentrates has emerged


  1. Celebrity Strains
  2. Marijuana hits mainstream TV
  3. A corporate exodus for cannabis
  4. Reefer and religion
  5. Cannabis journalism catches fire
  6. Artisan edibles
  7. Ticketed, pop-up dining experiences
  8. High fashion gets higher
  9. A hip head shop revolution
  10. Working out whilst high
  11. Finally, a focus on UX
  12. Professional athletes and coaches as advocates
  13. Cannabis growers get pesticide-free certification
  14. Weed weddings wanted
  15. More and more lotions, potions, topicals, skincare
  16. Concentrates, refined

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Phi Beta Iota: The article misses the most important value of cannabis: it cuts cancer in half.

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