Yoda: New Enemies List – Recommended — Meanwhile, Washington Post Joins New York Times on The People’s Shit List

Cultural Intelligence, IO Impotency

yoda with light saberIf they hate, we love.

Is It Propaganda Or Not?

Russia is Manipulating US Public Opinion through Online Propaganda

The List

Phi Beta Iota: The list includes the Corbett Report, CounterPunch, Alex Jones, NakedCapitalism, Global Research, Ron Paul, Rense, Lou Rockwell, Paul Craig Roberts, and ZeroHedge, among many others. Bottom line: anything these morons do not like, intelligent people seeking useful unfiltered information should consider as a source. You are what you eat. Meanwhile, outrage grows over the Washington Post‘s persistent lack of integrity — they join The New York Times on “The People’s Shit List.” Bearing in mind the abject submission of the mainstream and “progressive” media to manipulation by Wall Street and the Deep State, the real propagandists are clearly those who promulgate the list.

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