Eagle: Joichi Ito Principles for the Age of Acceleration (US Intelligence Has Not Gotten the Memo…Nor Has the US Army)

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Principles for an Age of Acceleration

MIT Media Lab is a creative nerve center where great ideas like One Laptop per Child, LEGO Mindstorms, and Scratch programming language have emerged.

Its director, Joi Ito, has done a lot of thinking about how prevailing systems of thought will not be the ones to see us through the coming decades. In his book Whiplash: How to Survive our Faster Future, he notes that sometime late in the last century, technology began to outpace our ability to understand it.

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Phi Beta Iota: Joichi has been at the forefront of change since the early 1990's and his principles are worthy of study — they are also noteworthy for being so far removed from every aspect of the US intelligence community (which one author now likened to the old porn industry — the walking dead) and the US Army. The US Government is easily 50% waste which translates into half what we buy is not usable or worth what we paid for it, or put another way, we are paying twice as much as we should for things that do not work as the should (Air Force 1, F-35, USS Gerald Ford).

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