Lance Schuttler: What Trump Can Do To Be A Successful President

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Lance Schuttler

What Trump Can Do To Be A Successful President

The Mind Unleashed, 8 January 2017

Much hinges on the upcoming presidency of Donald Trump. Will he make good on his promises to “drain the swamp?” Will he create a more peaceful relationship with Russia? Will he actually be able to “build the wall?” Clearly, there is opposition and support for these and other initiatives he has in mind. Ultimately, the success of a Trump presidency must be based on helping all people. It must rise above the two-party, left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative illusion.

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ROBERT STEELE: Lance interviewed me for this article. My earlier publication at The Mind Unleashed, Former CIA Spy Has A Surprising Message For Trump, while drawing over 74,000 views (and another 175,000 views at ZeroHedge) is — my word — at best wonkish and at worst turgid. Lance has a gift and I am honored that he thought enough of these ideas to craft a more citizen-friendly version of my vision. I continue to believe that Donald Trump is being sand-bagged by the Republican and Democratic Establishment, co-conspirators in “shackling” him after the fact of his accidental win. I hope everyone will click through to The Mind Unleashed to read the full article. While the soft coup by CIA and the neo-conservatives has been defeated, the news being largely withheld from the public — that DHS is going to “take over” the US electronic voting systems — absolutely assures that the Democrats will regain both houses of Congress through the same electronic fraud that Hillary Clinton used against Bernie Sanders (Israel “owns” both NSA and DHS — absent paper ballots, 2018 will be “super-rigged.”). If Trump does not at least pursue the Electoral Reform Act of 2017, he will be frustrated by the Establishment, lose single party control in 2018, and not be re-elected in 2020.

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