Commentary: Nuanced & Weaponized Jews

Cultural Intelligence
Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: I have – as expected – received some push-back from Jewish intellectuals whose views I care about, on the matter of the term “Jewish influencers.” They have a point. The time has come to provide my standard seven level typology of “Jewish influencers.” The Rothschilds are not Jewish influencers — they are the pinnacle of the Khazarian Mafia in close collaboration with the dark side of the Vatican. The Asian typology of Jews has four levels. My own — I think in 3's and 7's, is here:

01 Extremists now in power in Israel, which receives $30,000 a year for each man, woman, and child in Israel, from the US taxpayer — vastly more than any other country.

02 Professional intelligence officers who know a two-state solution and Jerusalem as an international city are the only path to peace (along with cessation of all US support to  Saudi Arabia)

03 Military and bureaucracy that follow orders

04 Peace activists and others from Israel who opppose 01

05 Traitors and “helpers” (sayonim) in the USA, including some billionaires, who hate Palestine, hate democracy, and are very happy influencing with bullets, bribery, and blackmail.

06 Arabs and Palestinians within Israel as citizens but treated the way we treat blacks [under the Clinton Crime bill, more blacks are now in jail than there were slaves as the beginning of the Civil War]

07 Loyal Jews everywhere who are irrelevant to the power of Israel based on bullets, bribery, and blackmail — in the USA for example, there are only 9 million Jewish voters — they are not the source of Israel's strangle hold over Congress.

So to be very specific, my use of the term “Jewish influencers” in my latest essay refers to Group 05.

It merits comment that organizations in the USA receiving direction and/or funding from Israel are exempt from the requirement that they be registered as agents of a foreign power.  John F. Kennedy was assassinated in part because he was about to impose this requirement while also cutting off CIA provision of nuclear materials — against all Presidential and Congressional guidance — to Israel. Yitzhak Rabin was present in Dallas as the Israeli representative to the assassination cabal.

Each Day of Atonement I wait for Israel to apologize formally for the USS Liberty atrocity.

Weaponized Jews

I am deeply saddened by CIA's loss of professionalism as well as integrity throughout the recent political theater over the Russians hacking the election.  In terms of political influence and covert cyber, no one can beat NSA, but the Israelis are without question the premier intrusive foreign power in the USA. They “own” both NSA and DHS and this should be a first priority for a revitalized FBI if we ever have an honest government that puts America first.

The Israelis have excelled as weaponizing Jews, particularly in relation to social media censorship. I have been especially fascinated to see how the Mossad controls legions of trolls who can be focused on specific individuals and directed to label every comment those individuals make, as “spam.” This is a form of drive by shooting in cyber-space that Google and Facebook as well as the progressive media are all too ready to tolerate.

In comparison to the pervasive weaponization of Jews and information that Israel has so carefully developed across the USA over the past fifty years, the Russian Information Operations (IO) endeavor that CIA sought to mis-represent as a major covert “act of war” is trivial. My comments on the CIA report are here:

The Trump “Intelligence” Briefing Has No Proof Russians Hacked (or Leaked) Anything: Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections UPDATE 6


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