Robert Steele: On Pedophilia & Punishment

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

As a result of the hacking of John Podesta's emails by a Romanian taxi driver (not Russian intelligence), and the subsequent Pizzagate, then PedoGate, with the former Prime Minister of the UK (and probably two former Vice Presidents of the USA) as top known pedophiles, there is finally a growing public demand for action.

I was interviewed yesterday by the great Sacha Stone of Humanitad Foundation and will be interviewed today by Victurus Libertas on this topic. I made three points to Sacha:

01 Pedophilia is the Achilles' heel of the 1% — the elite and its senior servants including the leadership fo the Republican and Demographic parties in the USA. The world is finally ready to take down the Deep State and pedophilia is the REVELATION that will unite the 99% against the 1%.

02 #GoogleGestapo — the hashtag I propose to cover the activities of the rackerteering-like campaign by Eric Schmidt, Google and Google surrogates like Adroll and YouTube, as well as Twitter and Facebook to censor stories about PizzaGate, PedoGate, and other activists concerns including toxic medicine, food, water, and air, may well be the challenge of our decade. Combined with the fake news mainstream and “progressive” media self-censorship on this topic, we clearly need something based in Iceland.  I am told $50M will be enough to create a Google killer that also takes out Facebook and Twitter, working with some blockchain folks in that direction. #GoogleGestapo does it for me.

03 While their zeal is commendable, the citizen investigators are making many rookie mistakes, to include making false accusations devoid of evidence. I single out as falsely accused the Maccoby family that does legitimate work with orphanages, one of whom lives in the Comet Pizza neighborhood and has been photographed with the owner of the now notorious restaurant. Pedophilia is a horrific crime, and it must be investigated with rigor.

Separately from the conversation with Sacha, I am being interviewed by Victurus Libertas, whose broad audience (136,000 views of their first interview of me in merely five days), is pushing back on my concept of truth & reconciliation for pedophiles. They take issue with my view that there is more merit in discovering and decommissioning all pedophiles, instead of just hanging a few of them. Below is my formal answer to his audience that I will discuss tonight for further posting to YouTube.

The first priority is to stop pedophilia across the board — this includes the low rent blue collar assholes that kidnap kids and chain them up in the basement to be enjoyed for a few years and then buried without a trace.

Hence the second priority is vast information gathering and a complete mapping of every predator, every location, every collaborator in the courts, law enforcement, child protective services (they make money by taking kids away from their families and selling them to predators), the Catholic Church (ditto on babies taken from unwed mothers — the primary purpose of concealing adopters is to protect the fact that many of them are predators.

The third priority is education of the public and particularly parents and principals.  We have many predators across our school systems — remember that Denny Hassert's lowest moments were as a wrestling coach. The third priority cannot be accomplished without the second and this is what most people do not understand.

The fourth and last priority is reconciliation and to whatever extent appears warranted by a large judicious process, vindictive justice. As a leader-steward my focus is on the first priority. As an intelligence professional, my focus is on the second priority. As an educator my focus is on the third. I have much less interest in the fourth in part because my gifts are in the field and focused on the future.  In my view, those who want vindictive justice are thinking tactically and personally  while I am thinking strategically and nationally.

I have been observing pedophilia for over 20 years, more intensely the last 10. PizzaGate broke the story open, most citizens were in denial and clueless before that. My primary focus is supporting our President, with the two things I am best at: an Electoral Reform Act of 2017 and an Open Source Agency that supports a two-way Trump Channel. Others will investigate and determine the future of our elite pedophiles, not me. I merely point out that truth and reconciliation — my version is everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail — is vastly more likely to clean house and prevent another generation of pedophiles from emerging.

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