SPECIAL: Dennis Kucinich on US Intelligence Community Committing Treason – Striving to Overturn Trump Presidency & Re-Ignite Cold War

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Both NSA and CIA are out of control. I personally believe that Mike Pompeo needs to depart the Administration, and Dan Coats needs to sit down with some of us — and the President — and GET A GRIP. I admire Dennis Kucinich, and have recommended to the President that he add Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney to his small circle of close advisors. The US Intelligence Community is not a “crown jewel.” It is more like a few flakes of gold in a very large cow pie, and right now the US secret world is both worthless to the management of the US Government (USG), and elements of the US secret world are in an active state of treason. We need a purge, and we need a purge now. This would not, by the way, be happening without the direct explicit support of Dick Cheney and Bob Gates among others — Flynn hurt himself to the point that Tillerson and Mattis were happy to see him go, but at root this is about the Establishment — both the Republican and Democratic Parties and their Zionist, Saudi, and Wall Street masters — stripping away from Donald Trump those voices that oppose them.

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