Berto Jongman: YouTube Deep State Commentaries

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Berto Jongman

Best overview of executive secret power and militarization of government. Is Trump going to end up being Cheney II?

Phi Beta Iota: Most if not all “Deep State” commentaries are too limited. They focus on the intersection of the secret intelligence community, the complicit media, and selected military-industrial contractors. The Deep State is vastly larger than that and begins with the Rothchilds and the Vatican, moves down to the UK Royal Family, the City of London, and Wall Street, includes self-censoring academics, labor union leaders, and complicit non-governmental organization leaders, and is ultimately enabled by the two-party tyranny that shuts out 70% of all voters from meaningful participation in what has become a neo-fascist faux democracy Of, By, and For Wall Street against Main Street.

Additional Deep State commentaries below the fold.

Alex Jones with Larry Klayman: Deep State Spied on Trump (18:22)

Bill Moyers with Mike Lofgren: The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight (26:46)

David Zublick with Robert David Stee;e: Deep State to PizzaGate (38:19)

Greg Hunter with Robert David Steele: Deep State Isolating Donald Trump from We the People (30:24)

Lionel Nation: The New American Revolution – Deep State Rogue Intel vs. Trump (30:47)

Paul Joseph Watson: The Deep State War on Trump (6:41)*

Roosh V: Michael Flynn revealed the war between Donald Trump and the Deep State (19:15)

Ron Paul with Mike Lofgren: Anatomy of the Deep State – An Open Conspiracy (23:03)

Tucker Carlson with Glenn Greenwald: Trump versus the Deep State (6:34)

WeAreChange: What Is the Deep State? (4:46)*

WeAreChange: Donald Trump Warns of Deep State and Conflict with Russia (7:50)

* Particularly recommended.

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