George Bornyek: Signature into Spirit Art

Cultural Intelligence

GEORGE BORNYEK:First I clean up the signature, removed the background and in your case sorry to say, removed the (Robert) and the little v character that was tagged on near the end.  Normally, I cut out the signature, but in your case, I just removed the background and used the ragged edges to my advantage. I separated the RD and the Steele and prepped them separately.  The RD was copied onto itself vertically.   The Steele was copied onto itself vertically separately twice.  One of the Steele overlays was manipulated to change its degree of angle. Then the RD and the Steele(s) were combined onto one layer. That layer was duplicated and one layer was flipped horizontally.  The RDs of the two layers overlapped in the center.  When positioned correctly, they were combined into one layer. The layer is duplicated and overlapped at 90 degrees, and repeatedly 45 degrees, 22.5 degrees etc. till I get to 1.4065 degrees if necessary. Then the fun begins.  Playing with color, filters, sizing etc.  Often frustration sets in but I work through it until a masterpiece (to my conception) happens and I am ecstatic, elated, tearful, spellbound and paralyzed with rapture with the results. This basic process is used in printmaking and the designs of mosques and has been around for hundreds of years in our current history.

ROBERT STEELE: Since becoming more vocal about saving Donald Trump from the Deep State’s four-track strategy to destroy our legitimately-elected President, I have received many wonderful gifts from citizens across the country. This is one of them.