Amazon Kindle: World War III Has Started — the Public Against the Deep State — Everywhere: Can Donald Trump Defeat the Deep State and Lead a Global Revolution? (Trump Revolution Book 08)

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World War III has started and it is not going according to the official narrative that seeks to start a war between Russia and the United States of America with a side show in the Middle East, all for the sake of banking profit and public distraction.

No, World War III is a war between the public and the Deep State — it is a war that began in Czechoslovakia with Vaclav Havel and “the power of the powerless,” burped in the United Kingdom with Brexit, and is now fully emergent in the USA where Donald Trump, for all his flaws, is correctly viewed as the anti-thesis to the Deep State also known as The Establishment (Wall Street, the Two-Party Tyranny, and the Secret Intelligence Services).

The “Color Revolutions” in Eastern Europe, and the Gold War against Russia, were covert operations intended to heighten the re-emergence of the fascist regime rescued at the end of WWII by the Central Intelligence Agency under Allen Dulles, and to destroy the last semblance of the Russian Eastern Orthodox Church and Byzantine Europe — in this the Vatican and the City of London as well as Wall Street are one.

They lost. Russia survived and the Color Revolutions are seen by their publics for what they have been: the substitution of fascist criminals for communist criminals.

Today the Deep State has turned all its weapons on the public of the USA and against Donald Trump. There is a four-track strategy to destroy Donald Trump in 2017.

Track 1 is led by Eric Schmidt and is the racketeering conspiracy known as #GoogleGestapo — the use of social media controls to censor pro-Trump and populist commentary while elevating anti-Trump and elite narratives.

Track 2 is led by George Soros and is funding plans for a violent “American Spring” that will produce 10,000 versions of Berkeley, each marked by the same complicity of Governors, Mayors, and university presidents that we saw at Berkeley — law enforcement is being ordered to “stand down.”

Track 3 is being led by Paul Ryan, Chuck Schumer, and other leaders of the two-party tyranny obsessed with destroying Donald Trump and preventing an Electoral Reform Act that would re-enfranchise the 70% of eligible US voters now blocked from all meaningful participation in America’s false dysfunctional “democracy.” Impeachment proceedings are being planned, and Republican “leaders” — some of them active pedophiles — are part of the planning.

Track IV has been brilliantly articulated by David Stockman and includes the combination of a debt ceiling on the Federal Government leading to a closure of the government, and Wall Street joining with the Federal Reserve to crash the economy in the summer of 2017 — all of the props holding up the bubble economy — where unemployment is still 23% (40% among people of color, single mothers, new graduates, and the elderly) — will be removed.

There is good news. The first “soft coup” seeking to overturn the Electoral College on the basis of lies about the Russians hacking the economy has been defeated. The US public has seen three sacred oxen gored: secret intelligence lies; the mainstream media lies; the two-party tyranny lies.

Donald Trump has the power, with eight specific initiatives in one speech, to unite America and destroy the Deep State.

This is the story leading up to the speech. There are solutions — but only Donald Trump can execute this plan. He has to want to expand his legitimacy; he has to understand the Republican Party is about to be destroyed. He has to care about the truth.

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