Mongoose: #GoogleGestapo Folds in Digital Assassination of Natural News, We Still Need a Racketeering Investigation Against Eric Schmidt, Google, Facebook, and Twitter

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This is moderately good news.

The Independent Media Defeats Google’s Censorship Practices-Natural News Restored

One has to remember, that the Independent Media brings the public the truth where the MSM and the social media monopolies obscure the truth and the illegal actions of their benefactors.

Mike Adams’ Natural News restored by Goggle after massive takedown

“Through this entire process, Natural News was constantly being called a liar for failing to remove something that Google flatly refused to identify. In essence, we were charged with a ‘crime’ by Google, yet Google refused to provide any details of the crime, nor any evidence of the crime, nor any tool whereby we could reproduce Google’s claimed ‘redirect’.”

Phi Beta Iota: This is not over. It is clear that Eric Schmidt has set in motion a social media censorship and mis-information strategy that — while centered on Google and its surrogates such as AdRoll and You-Tube — clearly includes Facebook and Twitter as well as PayPal. The extrajudicial mis-behavior of the Silicon Valley crowd merits a deep racketeering investigation under the direct oversight of the new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. At the same time, we must deal with the Deep State — the lies being told by CIA and NSA, the blackmail of politicians by NSA and CIA, the acts of war not authorized by Congress by CIA and elements of the Department of Defense, and more. We are waiting to hear if Alex Jones has had his $3.5 million in stolen revenue restored. And then there is  Reddit and Wikipedia, both suffering from troll cancer and dishonest leadership.

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