Stephen E. Arnold: Google AI Bombs Big — PBI: But Eric Schmidt Has No Problem Defining Trump as Toxic…

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Stephen E. Arnold

Alphabet Google Smart Software Cannot Define Hate

I read “Alphabet’s Hate Fighting AI Doesn’t Understand Hate Yet.” That struck me as odd. I learned in “Google’s AI Learned to Be Highly Aggressive When Stressed.” I assumed that an aggressive AI would take on an online dictionary, wrest the definition of hate from the Web site, and stuff the bits into the voracious multi petabyte storage system available to Deep Mind.

The issue of hate is relevant to hate speech. I think this is a gentle way of saying that unless text has some cue like a known entity which outputs nasty grams or a list of words likely to be used to convey hate, the smart software is performing like most smart software; that is, somewhere in the 40 to 65 percent accuracy range.

Computer scientists and others on the internet have found the system unable to identify a wide swath of hateful comments, while categorizing innocuous word combinations like “hate is bad” and “garbage truck” as overwhelmingly toxic.

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Phi Beta Iota: Google hard-wires its #GoogleGestapo strategy of favoring the extreme left and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and George Soros among others, while conflating Donald Trump with Adoph Hitler and conspiring with Facebook and Twitter to censor pro-Trump websites and speech while elevating anti-Trump websites and speech much of which is arguably “hate” speech. This is why we think Attorney General Jeff Sessions should begin a racketeering investigation of Schmidt and all related companies including Google surrogate companies such as AdRoll.

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