Anthony Judge: Psychosocial Transformation with Pill Pushing — A Deep State Goal with a Deep State Tool

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence
Anthony Judge

Psychosocial Transformation by “Pill Pushing”?

Model-making, strategic advocacy and the myth of the “red pill”

“Is this a pill which I see before me?”
Varieties of “pill” for the delivery of “drugs”
Designer drugs — and “designer pills”?
Academic model-making as “pill production”?
Values and principles as pills?
Bullets as pills — bombs as mega-pills?
Ball games as framing pill games?
Pill promotion and pill pressure?
Placebos, “pill resistance” and addiction?
Choice of “pill”: to be or not to be, individually or collectively?
Symbolism of the pill in choosing
Towards visualization of a cognitive pill in 3D

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