Robert Steele: Trump’s New Website – UPDATE Unrig & Alt-Gov Websites Being Established by Robert Steele & Cynthia McKinney

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Robert David Steele

Trump crashes news gatekeepers to reach Americans

Campaign uses new tool to reveal facts mainstream media are ‘hiding’

Robert Steele suggests improvements to site.

The site will present “facts the mainstream media is hiding about policy positions and actions by President Trump; compelling, never-before-seen photos from recent campaign rallies and events featuring President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence; news announcements from Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.; and other materials that you won’t find anywhere else in the media.” Michael Glassner, executive director of the campaign, said Trump “believes in speaking directly with the American people.”

Donald Trump’s New Website

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UPDATE 1: God Bless Donald Trump.  We are not going to wait for him. Cynthia McKinney and Ellen Brown and I have launched We the People – Unity for Integrity and by Monday we will have established and as website. We also have and are examining the financial demands — donor’s would have to support — of offering the world email addresses with locational information as in Bottom line is that by the end of this summer if (if) this takes off, we will have more emails in our unity for integrity data base than Donald Trump moribund endeavor. We will go after Alt-Left Sandernistas in late June after the Alt-Right + Alt-Black communities blend together. Russ Vernay (managed United We Stand for Ross Perot) is  on board to manage the campaign, and I am asking Ed Rollins if he wants to lead the 501c4 and 527 endeavors since I myself will remain a non-profit educator. I stress again, all of our ideas and passion are Donald Trump’s to command if he chooses to do so — he is our legitimately elected president and all efforts to impeach him and undermine are in my personal view sedition and treason.

ROBERT STEELE: This is the right idea poorly executed. If the President desires to improve his access to the public he needs at least three big enhancements of this web site:

01 Outreach to every demographic especially people of color, Latinos, small parties, Independents, and the Sandernistas.

02 A holistic analytic “whole of government” structure such that every threat and every policy is addressed across all of the Cabinet Departments — every piece of legislation, every presidential order, all online subject to comment, track changes, etcetera.

03 PollMoll and other forms of interactive engagement that make this a two way website — not just Trump to the people, but all of the people to Trump all of the time. Unlike other survey offerings, PollMoll is designed to provide a Presidential dashboard and drill down by Congressional district, demographic, and topic across an infinite number of topics.

I discuss the website early on in my recent interview with Sarah Westall, below.

Below are a few graphics that his web people do not know about.

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God Bless Donald Trump. Whether he listens to us or not, he has opened the public’s mind to the facts of Deep State, false flag, and fake news.  He has failed to address the two-party tyranny and he has failed to embrace the 73% that did not vote for him (while also breaking many promises to the 26% that did vote for him), but with or without Donald Trump, We the People – Unity for Integrity demanding the Election Reform Act of 2017, are now a fact.

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