Martin Armstrong: Deep State Owns Macron — France Lost

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Martin A. Armstrong

Macron to Cede Sovereignty to Brussels

Emmanuel Macron’s victory promises no change for Europe and it has been the blessing Brussels wanted so badly to further advance the federalization of Europe. Macron will surrender far more French sovereignty to Brussels than anyone suspects based upon reliable sources.

Macron is a technocrat and the youngest President in France ever at 39. His message of surrendering the sovereignty of France was the subtle use at his rally in Paris of the European anthem, Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” rather than the Marseillaise. This was indeed a powerful gesture of a surrender to Brussels that will be full and complete. It also signals there will be no change in direction or reform from Brussels.

Phi Beta Iota:  The end of the Deep State starts in Russia and will move East. China, Iran, and Turkey have been slow to recognize the need to focus on the common enemy, the Deep State led by the Rothschilds and the Vatican, but in the East, the Philippines, Thailand, and Viet-Nam are all thinking deeply about how to first inventory and then neutralize all representatives of the Deep State in their respective countries. Donald Trump appears to have been captured by the Deep State, perhaps with a doubling of the $20B bribe from Lynn Rothschild, to $40B. We continue to pray that Donald Trump will renege on any deals he has made, and return to the promises he made in the campaign.

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