Robert Steele in Thailand: The Movie….

Robert David STEELE Vivas

It was a huge privilege for me to visit Thailand, where I lived for a year while we waited to hear if my father was alive, a story told in Yachtsman in Red China. I visited Thailand primarily for a role as a supporting actor with the great Steven Seagal, who is not just an action drama movie celebrity but a caring human being with a broad intellectual understanding of how the Deep State and pedophilia are destroying the Earth and humanity.

At the last minute, based on my letting it be known I would be in Bangkok, I was embraced by an important segment of the Thai leadership and kept busy for my two free days with meetings at every meal, a packed executive conference room at a government facility, and a public lecture that was broadcast live (a full hour and a half) and partially translated into Thai, all on a no-notice basis since I never planned to do any of this since I was in Thailand to serve Steven Seagal. Imagine the economic and political power of the person who decided to have me heard in this fashion. It was my honor to meet over twenty Thai leaders, both active and retired, who will help the new King lead Thailand into a deserved role as a leader of a new ASEAN post-Western economic, information, and engineering paradigm.

Below are the videos, a long introduction and then the formal lecture, followed by the question & answer period. Apologies for the audio, they did not use a multi-box, in the future I will make that a requirement associated with my acceptance.

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