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Under Attack:

New $80M Anti-Trump Network Spearheaded by Soros-Funded Org With Former ACORN Employees

Network will focus on pushing back against voter laws leading up to the 2018 and 2020 elections

On Attack & Working With China?

Published on May 24, 2017

MT Keshe: Because of the power of this technology in the hand of China, your president is on errand. He’s not there as a President in Europe, going to Saudi Arabia, going to Jerusalem, going to Vatican, then going to Belgium, to tell the Belgium, “the Monarchy is over, you overstepped your line.” Going to NATO, immediately to report how much information was stolen by Belgium’s and shared by North Korea.

And then, your President on an errand, by the instruction of the Chinese leadership is back to Sardinia to G7, to report exactly what the Chinese found out. And, because of the power of technology in their hand and correct conduct, the punishment of what happens has to be decided, what they’re going to do with the countries which stole the technology, try to use in North Korea against China. And, the Chinese are fully aware of it and Chinese President, three weeks ago, four weeks ago, met or made a call to your President, “It’s your job you stop it, not mine, because we can stop our own end.”

We are aware the Chinese can stop the North Korean, what we call, rocket technology, which is stolen from NATO by the Belgium’s, the head of European Space Agency. Being connected with the Belgium nuclear, Belgium space and Belgium electronics, they supplied in the back door, the North Korea to launch their rockets.

Chinese found out, the support from Vatican, and in so many ways, was a pressure on China, to split China open. China became aware of what was in plan, to literally break open China, using the Muslims in west side of China. Financed by the Israelis to push them, the way they did in Libya, and then a visit was planned by the Pope to visit China in the fall-winter of this year and beginning of the unrest in China.

Chinese found out, the intelligence was accepted. They call President Trump and they said, it’s your job to stop. So, what do you see at the moment, what is called, the peace trip, bringing religions together is the, in a way Chinese putting the red card out. Muslims cannot start wars and destruction in the west of China, the way they’re being financed by Israel, they’ve been told off.

Now, he is into Vatican. Vatican has financed nuclear development through Belgium. They’re going to get the red card, because it was a trip plan to, Pope to be there. We know this first hand, because of the intelligence we have. And then, he’s going to Belgium to sell to the Belgian King, “the kingdom is over.” Belgium will be turned into a democracy by presidentship, because they have used, there was a fear, that if anything happens to Belgium there could be problem for EU. The problem is resolved, the King of Belgium will abdicate, and the Presidency will rule the Central Europe as a Belgium.

This is what they look, they discussed, because Belgium have stolen a lot of technology and they had passed it to Korea and other Nations. NATO was stripped of its knowledge and his weapon technology, by the head of European Space Agency groups, which are Belgiums.

And, he will just follow, what I told you. You will see it. Why the trip is planned this way. And then, whatever has been decided will be discussed in NATO to see damage limitation. How much technology has been stolen out of NATO? How much space technology has been stolen out of French space organization?
And then, we hear what G7 has to do, and most probably, in the next two years, we see the end up kingship in Belgium beginning of what we’ve been telling you, or have been taught, that the end of kingship.

Because this is the knowledge we have, out of where we sit, and we respect his Excellency President Xi for his wisdom, for his correct conduct. Instead of creating wars and conflict, he asked, he made a call to the President Trump, and explained the situation. They have found out about a coup. They found out about destruction, of another war financed by using religion as a way.
So, what we see, your President is on the trip, is more or less, “You don’t do it, we cash in the debts of the United States there’ll be no United States, Europe will collapse.”
So, what to you is said, “The President is on… unifying the religions”, is actually punishing the religions, who has started the war, who was planning to do it. And this goes back to his own, His Excellency President Xi, with the information which they had in their hand. Because don’t forget North Korea, out of nowhere, a country which cannot even feed his Nation, they becoming launching rockets, was going into nuclear and nobody could understand.

Now we understand, it was financed by Vatican, is understood the technology was stolen, transferred by Belgium into North Korea to put pressure on China when the Pope goes for a visit.
And, Chinese became aware of this, and it will not happen, there will nothing happen. China would say as one united Nation, as one Nation, and we respect it, we honor their territory.
And, it comes out of having the technology in their hand, and they know, they can block a lot of things.

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