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4 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation), Atrocities & Genocide, Congress (Failure, Reform), Empire, Sorrows, Hubris, Blowback, Executive (Partisan Failure, Reform), War & Face of Battle
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4.0 out of 5 stars Truthful, Useful, Good Read for Any Patriotic Citizen, May 28, 2017

Sarah Westall –whom I know from her superb Business Game Changes video series — tells it like it is in Syria. The book gives you more than just the Syrian perspective, it also illustrates how the US Government (in our name and without Article 1 Constitutional authority) is creating and aligning itself with the most brutal regimes in human history, notably Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The U.S. is at risk of creating and backing a 2nd holocaust; the entire region will be ethnically cleansed, including Christians and moderate Muslims, by Islamic extremists.

The book includes the transcript from Senator Richard Black’s interview on the Business Game Changers radio show with Sarah Westall (you could watch it for free on YouTube). It also includes the letter Senator Black wrote and sent to President Assad in 2014. After Assad received the letter, he invited Black to visit the country. You learn why Senator Black wrote the letter and what Black learned in Syria when he visited Assad. Black’s knowledge of the Middle East, the inner workings of the Pentagon, and the U.S. Military is impressive and worth reading.

Westall also includes a current Syrian map which shows which groups control which areas of Syria as of May 2017.

The book does a good job illustrating why U.S. citizens would not want to support this activity with tax dollars and soldiers’ lives. If enough people knew what was really going on, the war in Syria would end immediately. Bottom-line, this book contains very important information that people should learn and spread.

Not in this book is Jared Kushner's role, on behalf of Israel, in seeking to provide Saudi Arabia with nuclear weapons so as to enable a “limited” nuclear war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, a follow-on to the war between Iraq and Iran that US neoconservatives working for Israel made possible, inclusive of the provision of chemical weapons to Iraq by the US. Not in this book is the treason of Herbert McMaster working with John McCain and John Brennan to have Saudi Arabia and Israel fund the White Helmet's false flag attack last month so as to deceive our president into putting 150,000 US ground troops into Syria. Not in this book is the fact that the Golan Height, the property of Syria now occupied by Israel, contains a large oil reserve now leased by Dick Cheney and the 1% cabal that own Dick Cheney.

Still and all, a superb offering and vastly superior to the lies being told by the mainstream media.

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