Antechinus: The Deep State Coup Against Donald Trump…Assassination Next? DJT is JFK Redux…

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The Coup, Then and Now – The Enemies of Humanity Try to Give Trump the JFK Treatment

The Anglo-American oligarchy began a coup against President Donald Trump after his surprise 2016 election. They were in a panic to block his announced aims of partnership with Russia, the end of permanent war, the overturn of predatory Free Trade, and the return of Glass Steagall to break Wall Street’s power. The panic turned into a frenzy on the Russian angle, as it emerged that Trump had been working with strategic advisors who were prepared to return the United States to its traditional support for national sovereignty, and drop the regime-change insanity pursued by Presidents Bush and Obama. We have seen this kind of coup d’etat before, against the outstanding nationalist U.S. President of the second half of the 20th century, John F. Kennedy. We have lived in the shadow of that coup ever since.

Phi Beta Iota: The Bush-Cheney and Clinton-Obama crime families are using every dirty trick used against JFK, against DJT. Assassination is on the table. What is frustrating is that there is a clear path to neutralizing the Deep State that the President is not taking. He persists in playing by Deep State rules on Deep State turf, instead of changing the rules (election reform) and moving the confrontation to his turf (outside DC).

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