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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I created the below material, with a tip of the hat to Peter Dale Scott, author of the seminal work on the Deep State, to support a forthcoming book.

What is missing from most works on the Deep State is the combination of Rothschilds and Vatican at the top, pedophilia and Satanic ritual murder and blood drinking as the “glue,” and the ease with which the Deep State can be taken down.

If the public and a committed national leader wish to do so, and ideally do so with a Truth & Reconciliation posture that gives the elite an exit strategy, we can, overnight, implement election reform on the one hand, and the nationalization of the central bank (as well as an end to taxation and inflation).

Peter Dale Scott

I shall use “deep””state” in the larger sense, to include both the second level of secret government inside Washington and those outsiders powerful enough, in either the underworld or overworld, to give it direction. In short I shall equate the term “deep state” with what in 1993 I termed a “deep political system”: “one which habitually resorts to decision-making and enforcement procedures outside as well as inside those publicly sanctioned by law and society.”….

I shall argue that in the 1950s Wall Street was a dominating complex. It included not just banks and law firms but also the oil majors whose cartel arrangements were successfully defended against the U.S. government by the Wall Street law firm Sullivan and Cromwell, home to the Dulles brothers. This larger complex is what I mean by the Wall Street overworld.”

By  recognizing  this  power  reach  of  Wall  Street,  we  can  see  that  Tom Hayden’s notion of a “state within a state” is too restricted: those with that inner power (such as the higher echelons of the CIA) exercise it not by their seclusion, but by their interactions with an outside overworld. And Lofgren’s metaphor of the deep state as an iceberg, though useful, risks suggesting a too solid or structural relationship to that overworld. Unlike the state, the deep state is not a structure but a system, as difficult to define, but also as real and powerful, as a weather system.

Peter Dale Scott, The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on U.S. Democracy (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014), 13-14.


The Deep State is not, as some strive to suggest, unelected government officials, generally in the secret intelligence community and the military, who run amok outside the rule of law. Abusive elements of the federal government are very much a part of the Deep State, but they should be seen as the best of the servant class, not the masters.

The Deep State begins with the Vatican and the Rothschild Family and their control of the City of London and Wall Street as well as the central banks – all privately owned – in every country of the world. As long as governments fail to nationalize the central banks, the Deep State will be controlled by the Vatican, the Rothschild Family, and their personally appointed agents across the world of finance.

The greatest crimes against humanity occur at the banking level – bankers are able to manipulate interest rates and foreign exchange rates, create billions in digital cash without backing, manufacture “derivatives” that they sell to unwitting investors, and start wars to impact on the price of oil and other commodities. Poverty is a profit center for the Vatican, the Rothschilds, and their banking surrogates.

Beneath the bankers are the political parties, generally two parties per country that conspire to exclude all other political parties and Independents from power. In the USA, the Democratic Party controls 17% of the eligible voters and the Republican Party controls 13% of the eligible voters. Another 20% belong to small parties while fully 50% are Independent, No Party Preference, or Not Interested. Most active politicians should be assumed to be compromised – they are being bribed or blackmailed by multiple parties including the secret intelligence services of their own and other countries.

Co-equal to the political parties are the secret intelligence services. In addition to spying on and blackmailing politicians and judges, the secret intelligence services engage in drug running, illicit arms trading, money laundering, and child exploitation (pedophilia) as a means of manipulating specific individuals.

The “mainstream media” is a complicit partner with the banking, political, and intelligence communities. It communicates to the public a broad range of false information and mixes a broad range of mindless entertainment with outright “fake news,” while failing to do serious investigative reporting or provide any foundation for citizens desiring to be informed about current events, the true costs of policies, and more.

Universities are also complicit in the Deep State narrative. Most history is a lie. Few realize that the Pulitzer Prize was created to honor the man who invented “yellow journalism,” the original “fake news,” in which massive lies were told in order to justify wars. Universities have refused for decades to actually study and publicize the true cost of specific policies, products, and behaviors because they have been incentivized by commercial interests to overlook the fact that most of what the West produces is both wasteful, and harmful to human health and the environment.

Religions are also complicit in the Deep State. Religions are used to comfort and distract the masses, offering a promise of an after-life intended to reduce demands for economic and social justice in this life.

UPDATE 1: The generally unknown higher levels of the Freemason (34th, 35th, 36th) and the unwitting lower levels of the Freemasons, are the central secular network by which the Illuminati control the world. Today they are being augmented by #GoogleGestapo which strives to not only manipulate all information across both traditional and social media, inclusive of censorship tools that would make any communist country very happy, but to also manipulate all elections relying on any form of electronics.

Put most simply, the Deep State is the totality of the institutions of governance that are used to concentrate wealth and power among the 1%, while excluding the 99% from having effective voice and vote.

The Deep State is our common enemy. We the People have  the power to say no to the Deep State. We the People have the power to demand election reform – the authors recognize the utility of #UNRIG – and We the People have the power to demand that integrity be restored to our government, our economy, and our society.

This book is dedicated to the Constitution and to the Republic.


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