Anton Chaitkin: The Coup Then and Now — Enemies of Humanity Give Trump the JFK Treatment

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Anton Chaitkin

The Coup, Then and Now

The Enemies of Humanity Try to Give Trump the JFK Treatment

Rothschidl-Clinton-Soros-Obama playbook against our legitimately-elected president comes straight out of the Dulles-Lemnitzer playbook that culminated in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the cover-up by Lyndon Baines Johnson.

PDF (35 Pages): The Coup Then (JFK) and Now (DJT)

Phi Beta Iota: John Brennan is still in charge of rogue elements of the CIA, and leading a treasonous campaign against our legitimately-elected President that could result in assassination with the complicity of rogue elements of the US Secret Service (as occurred against JFK when Secret Service “fell back” and CIA provided near perfect Secret Service credentials to the multiple shooters so they could easily escape the half-hearted security cordon.

It needs to be said: neither the Director of National Intelligence nor the incoming Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (both from Deep State entity King & Spalding) have a clue as to how to contain John Brennan and George Soros and Eric Schmidt as well as the persistent criminal cabals of Clinton 3 and Obama-Emanuel.

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