Betty Boop: Impeach Trump’s Impeachers?

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Impeach Trump’s Impeachers

They’re dirty and crooked as hell.

What was the basis for impeaching President Trump after ten days in office? Lieu made it clear that if the Democrats won, they would try to impeach Trump no matter what.

Phi Beta Iota: #RESIST: Summer of Violence is a clear and present danger to the economy, government, and society of the USA. It is imperative that the President assume leadership of #UNRIG: Summer of Peace, and reach out to all the people he has dismissed as irrelevant on the basis of very bad advice from the traitors and mediocrities that surround him. He has until the end of June, at which point we will dismiss Trump, dismiss Sanders, and seek middle ground with those from the left who see the dysfunctionality of the US Government as it is now owned and operated by the Deep State.

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