Fred Burks: CIA Mind-Control Documents Relevant to Understanding False Flag Operations

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Fred Burks

CIA Mind Control Experiments

Declassified Documents Reveal Sex Abuse, More

This essay presents verifiable, undeniable evidence that secret CIA mind control programs have created assassins out of unsuspecting citizens in support of a hidden agenda.   . . .   These top secret experiments were successful in creating Manchurian Candidates or super spies programmed to carry out assassination, terrorist acts, sexual favors, and more without conscious knowledge of what they were doing. The army of Manchurian Candidates created has very likely played a key, hidden role in world politics and the manipulation of the public.

Read actual documents at this link.

Phi Beta Iota: False flag operations occur under various conditions from total theater to deceived patsy thinking they are in a drill to mind-controlled patsies programmed to kill and then die. Sometimes a mistake is made and the shooter is not promptly killed (Fort Lauderdale) but the FBI is in on the entire program and helps CIA cover up these atrocities. We must emphasize that the majority of all CIA and  FBI (and NSA) employees are good people trapped in a bad system — it is the rogues at the top with their narrow stove-piped loyalists, who are disgracing us all.

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