Joachim Hagopian: Overview of Global Elite Pedophilia Inclusive of Vice President Mike Pence and Senators Feinstein, Graham, Kaine, McCain, Schumer UPDATE 2 Book Online

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Joachim Hagopian

PedoGate Update: The Global Elite's Pedophile Empire is Crumbling – But Will it Ever Crash?

“Tory Smith openly accused Vice President Mike Pence of being “a pedophile and child murderer,” and that Pence was the globalist system's running mate choice foisted on Trump not unlike Reagan's required VP was Bush senior. Speculation exists over whether Pence may have been responsible for Tory Smith's death for exposing Pence's child sex trafficking.”

A far greater volume of child sex slaves is more easily procured in war torn nations around the globe. Like international drug smuggling, the CIA predatorily controls the global child sex trafficking trade as well. Historically the UN “peacekeeping” forces and private US contractors like DynCorp have also been notorious in buying and selling child sex slaves from CIA run global trafficking rings. It's actually legal to sell children in nations like Pakistan and Thailand where it's a $1 billion business. 8 million children end up missing in the world every year. In the US 800,000 go missing.

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Phi Beta Iota: We are quite certain that Vice President Mike Pence is dirty at multiple levels and should be given a Truth & Reconciliation offer (e.g. a Presidential pardon in return for resignation in June). We continue to believe that Cynthia McKinney would be the ideal replacement, healing the nation by bringing all of us together under Donald Trump as the greatest president ever.


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UPDATE 1: The author Joachim Hagopian adds via email:

Here's several liabilities currently pending on Pence…

For what it's worth, Pence was notified by a House Democrat back in November that Flynn was lobbying for Turkey but when asked about it in March, Pence replied that he just found out about it. Supposedly Flynn went down for lying to Pence yet Pence got caught lying about Flynn.

Pence has been steeped in dirty politics a long time. As a junior representative in Congress back in the post 9/11, also inside job of the anthrax scare in 2002, dutiful GOP disinfo agent Pence followed Cheney orders to make wild totally false public statements claiming Saddam Hussein was responsible for the anthrax amidst all the WMD lies.

Yet another problem Pence has been dodging is news that while Indiana governor, like Hillary, he too was using a private email server account to conduct public business. The day the story broke of Pence use of private emails, his staff turned over boxes of paper emails, making review of it much more cumbersome and difficult. And despite repeated requests for Pence to turn over more of his emails, he has refused, indicating he’s violating Indiana law and definitely has much to hide.

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Was Tory Smith Murdered for Exposing Mike Pence in Child Trafficking??

No Longer on Internet:

Child Rapist Mike Pence continues to rape and murder children. He has raped 81 boys and 55 girls. He murdered the 29 children by choking them to death while raping them. This is why he is such a big hero to Indiana Republicans. He has recruited over 100 men into the Indiana Child Trafficking Operation in Indianapolis. 36 State Senators are raping and murdering by his side. He has been given huge sums of money for his participating in three war crimes. He has 16 bank accounts totalling just under $42 million. These figures are available from the Hall of Justice and are of 22 February 2016.

One of the children Pence murdered during rape was a 7 year old boy named Scott. This child was abducted 17 miles from Aurora, Colorado, and then brought to Indiana. He was gang raped 108 times by Pence and 41 other Indiana men, Att. Gen Greg Zoeller, many State Senators and politicians, Policemen, and corporate Executives, and CIA. Pence choked the boy to death during forced sodomy, and Scott died just before Pence ejaculated into this body.

Only a few, a handful of children have ever left MILABS alive, but they were all killed shortly after.

The Indianapolis Child Trafficking Operation, owned by Republicans, has been in operation for 27 years. Over 12,500+ children have been gang raped and murdered there in Luciferian/Satanist Human sacrifices.”

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