Phil Giraldi: Oliver Stone Outs Israel & AIPAC

Corruption, Government
Philip Giraldi

Israel’s Dirty Little Secret

How it drives US policies exploiting a spineless Congress and White House

“Israel had far more involvement in the U.S. election than Russia. Why don’t you ask me about that?”

Phi Beta Iota: Worthy of a careful complete read. An honest transparent US Government such as #UNRIG is championing would end the control that Israel exerts on US politicians, judges, celebrities, and banks, while also ending the legendary Zionist penetration of US communications and computing that began with the introduction of PROMIS by Zionist super-spy Robert Maxwell, whose daughter Ghislain Maxwell is the partner of Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein, a fake billionaire whose mission in life to to capture US politicians on video doing terrible things to children.

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