SGT Report: Is Trump Scaring the Elite Pedophiles? YouTube (3:02)

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This would be a good one to give a higher profile to via an PhiBetaIota post.

It’s a 3-minute video excerpt of an interview with an investigative journalist named Liz Crokin, who specializes in human trafficking and sex trafficking issues. I understand the current Republican House Whip, an individual named Steve Scalise, was recently shot. Then – Lee Harvey Oswald deja vu – his alleged “lone gunman” was killed in a subsequent “DC police shootout.”

The clip mentioned includes Rep. Scalise on camera going after “human trafficking.” He mentions his leadership getting Congress to just pass new legislation going after (the long unprosecuted) main Perps, adding “Let’s work together to get these bills signed into law.”

Uh huh.

Liz Crokin comments, “They’re going after Trump, they’re going after Sessions, and now they just shot this Scalise Congressman. And, there’s one common theme here. They’re all working hard to expose elite pedophiles… It has everything to do with PedoGate. And, people don’t understand that and they don’t see that. But, this is what I do for a living.”

She adds, “Once they stop arresting some of the top people in [international] sex trafficking, I mean, we’re going to see at least half of our government fall.”

Wouldn’t that be great? So long overdue to take “planetary management” out of the hands of career criminals and closet satanists. Thanks again for all you do.

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