Spanda Journal: Collective Enlightenment

Collective Intelligence

We are pleased to inform you that the Spanda Journal special issue on  “Collective Enlightenment” is out, you can read it online, or download your free copy here.

The edition features 25 insights on the state of the art in Consciousness and Enlightenment studies:

  • Sahlan Momo (ed.), Benighted, Enlightened, and Delighted |  pages V-IX.
  • Joanna Macy (interview), Learning to See in the Darkness amid Catastrophe |  pages XI-XII.
  • Ervin LászlóThe Evolution of our Consciousness Is the Enlightenment of Humanity |  pages 1-3.
  • Duane Elgin, Humanity’s Journey Home: We are Learning to Live in a Living Universe |  pages 5-13.
  • George PórOn the Verge of Collective Awakening |  pages 15-30.
  • Peter RussellBlind Spot: The Unforeseen End of Accelerating Change |  pages 31-42.
  • Deepak ChopraA Critical Issue: What to do When Darkness Rises? |  pages 43-44.
  • Tom Atlee ~ Rosa ZubizarretaThe Embodiment of Wholeness in our Social Order: Our Evolutionary Challenge as Humans |  pages 45-55.
  • Terri O’FallonThe Integration of Awareness with the Individual and the Collective |  pages 57-62.
  • Allan CombsCollective Enlightenment |  pages 63-67.
  • Richard BarrettThe Ego-Soul Dynamics of Enlightenment |  pages 69-74.
  • Thomas Hübl ~ Julie Jordan AvrittToward the Integration of Collective Trauma in a Time of Exponential Change |  pages 75-83.
  • Michel Bauwens ~ Edward BergeCollective Enlightenment through Postmetaphysical Eyes |  pages 85-92.
  • Zachary Stein ~ Marc Gafni,  The Apocalypse of the Modern World-System  & Related Possibilities for Democratizing Enlightenment |  pages 93-101.
  • Mariya K. KaragyozovaCollective Enlightenment – The Ascent |  pages 103-106.
  • John E. StewartEnlightenment and the Evolution of the Material World |  pages 107-114.
  • Fred MasterMy Process of De-veloping Awareness: From a Finite Understanding towards Glimpses of Infinity |  pages 115-122.
  • Gregory WilpertConsciousness for the Post-Capitalist Commons: A Developmental Psychological Perspective |  pages 123-130.
  • Roger D. NelsonGlobal Consciousness Project |  pages 131-136.
  • Eric ReynoldsNext Stage Organizations |  pages 137-145.
  • Alfonso MontuoriThe Evolution of Creativity and the Creativity of Evolution |  pages 147-158.
  • Geoff FitchTruthfulness and Collective Enlightenment |  pages 159-163.
  • Charles JohnstonBringing Wisdom to the Future – Creative Systems Theory’s Concept of “Cultural Maturity” |  pages 165-174.
  • Jim RoughThe ToBe Project. How to Facilitate All of us to Come Together as We The People |  pages 175-182.
  • Bruce H. Lipton, An Introduction to Conscious Evolution: a Theory we Can Thrive with |  pages 183-192.

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