Event: Today in Philadelphia at 7 PM Eastern


Robert David Steele will be at this address at 7 pm tonight.

100 S Independence Mall West Philadelphia, PA 19106 (Independence Beer Garden)

Cynthia McKinney is back in Bagladesh for a couple of weeks, finishing her MBA teachng obligation. On arrival she found that TSA had ripped open her locked bag and poured a bottle of Braggs Liquid Aminos all over her white #UNRIG shirt. TSA — no doubt many good people trapped in a bad system — represents the cesspool of depraved morons that are able to abuse their authority and exercise their pathological passive-aggressive tendencies against all of us.

As Cynthia has pointed out, all the bad things that blacks have suffered at the hands of whites in uniform, are now happening to all of us. I myself was virtually strip-searched in public at the St. Louis, Missourri international airport by a passive-aggressive officer who singled me out (never mind that I am officially a Global Trusted Traveler) because I had the temerity to inform his supervisor that Cynthia McKinney was a former Congresswoman (they were targeting the US black citizen who is doing a documentary for Iranian Press TV about Cynthia McKinney — this inoffensive woman — a US citizen — is virtually strip searched TWICE at each airport — when going through security, and before getting on the aircraft). A Congressional inquiry into TSA is beginning and includes a law student’s complete filming of the virtual strip searching of the woman, her son, and me. Photos of the TSA-valdalism against Cynthia McKinney’s clothing will also be introduced into evidence, and the video tapes of the TSA area where this crime was committed supoenaed. I tried to help these fools — clearly identifying myself as a former federal officer — and instead they doubled-down on criminal idiocy. #UNRIG seeks to end everything about the US Government that is reprehensible and unconstitutional. Only you — the citizen — has effect this constructive, ethical, legal, non-violent, positive change. #UNRIG.